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GM says come with me to eat go eat lunch now. TS says since the table has some empty spaces he wants to fill them up. Wants to know everything about her sons. I will miss watching this family’s bickering. At the end of the day, it was a drama that found the funny in realistic, everyday conflicts, and made me appreciate simple things like family in a big, big way. Woman asks how much SY spends monthly on living expenses. Posted July 6,

By firstnadya Started July 7, Episode 43 Caps Thanks to semifly. TB grins and holds her cheeks. Why cant you talk. Watching J stand at the crosswalk and reliving her memory of TH, it dawned on me that this is what we have been doing. TH and Baek look at each other. TH drives to the movie studio.

And ugh, of course the growth of my love towards Joo Won. I just hope at least he takes a few days rest before training for the new action role. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: TP helps her up and asks if she is ok.

Hope the thread-starter can please revise it accordingly. The trailers make me think this will be a fun drama, so it’ll not be too bad to stick to the 50 episodes. J is having a hard time enduring. Mostly I love the character envlish how each one matures from the lil’ ducklings at the start to whatever life lesson they had to learn and become the ‘duck’ they were meant to be, just as the real ducks of the farm eub problematic but in the end the mother duck along with her Ja-eun side ojakgoy managed to solve it with alot of TLC.


I understand the desire to give them big drama, because the resulting emotional beats were beautifully played. I will find a good match for you.

I’ll miss this great drama so much Well I guess the drama based on Manga so they need young innocent pure looking heroine.

TP hits her on the head with the empty plastic bottle. According to this release from KBSthe drama’s press conference will be held on August 2nd.

MS says to TS: Of course UEE will still support Joowon as well. Joo Won plays the third son, Hwang Tae Hee. She goes and downs some shots. For their last date, he comes with tie in hand and she ties his tie one last time. Too bad its 58? How does this drama compare to Be Strong Geum Soon?

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Their chemistry is like a fireworks. Because all the sweet memories that you talked about just made my heart wrench like crazy! I have someone I want to introduce to you hyungs. Mom is trying to keep down the costs for MS so she says there is no need to overdo it.

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SY takes TB tea. Thanks for the wrap up GF.


After his birth mother remarries, he became the son of Father Hwang. I just hunkered down and got through it, because though the outcome was plainly written on the wall, I cared enough about the characters to get past this cycle and back into family hijinks territory.

Should I really take you? He breaks down in tears as he tells his brothers, and his hyungs get kjakgyo sloshing drunk as he swears to make something of himself, and brotherrs have to let go of the woman he loves again. Nothing is wrong with me. Good thing he’ll actually get a girl this time. Episode 34 Caps Thanks to semifly.

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TP grabs his dad and tells him to calm down. But at the same time, Soo-young is making the decision to leave him — so he comes home ready for a fresh start, when she announces that they should divorce.

There’s something so awesome about brothers and their brotherhood, and a good bromance, Can I have all sons too? They have the baby, surrounded by dnglish, with Soo-young doling out her labor pains to Tae-bum, since fair is fair.