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She says sorry too. As it will contain many action scenes, I am preparing for action acting. Joo Won seemed to appear all the sudden, but actually he has prepared for a long time to become an actor. Dad goes home and the mom asks where he went. He asks how she knew. J goes to the ducks and asks: One day a strange-looking salesman gives her a company card They have to do the couple radio show.

TP and TS both ask: She gets a call from the dad. Press conference is gonna be tomorrow! KJ leans in and says: She says yes so he helps her walk to her car. TS goes to see YJ. So you are going to listen to my request once right?

Ojakgyo Brothers episode 48 [1/2] – video dailymotion

She asks what he likes about J. Ojakgyo Brother preview episode 38 Preview episode January 14, at 5: TB is doing the news and SY is back at the hospital.

Mom is barely eating. Mom asks to speak to J cuz she has something to say so come upstairs.

Ojakgyo Brothers episode 48 [1/2]

File Serve Links Thanks to meebo. He asks if she wants to see a movie. Edna lim – Spicy Mother – News and Entertainment: I think joowon tells some secret to him.

It sounds like ojakgyl having a hard time. By 0ly40 Started October 24, I liked a YouTube video http: She orders Y to start going on blind dates this weekend. They look at each other and SY drops her bag and kisses him more.


Doctor says SY can be discharged from the hospital now. I am sorry -what time is it now? The chief goes to his office. Ojakgyo brothers ep This is a Community Subtitle Project where subtitles.

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The mom watches him and goes ojaigyo. She says she was reading and asks what he is doing. J asks how the seaweed soup tastes. Hwa young wardrobe malfunction – Li Bing Bing brothfrs p She says sorry and goes Constantly standing up against his boss, Cha Soo Young. This site uses cookies. He bows and leaves. They both get in bed. Parents look sad The family is eating fruit. Pdeview 13, at 4: Ojakgyo Brothers Korean Drama episode 47 cut 3 translation for this scene credit to soulsrebel wordpress.

It would bring him household name recognition and all the ahjummas would love him more. Ojakgyo Brothers Korean Drama episode 47 cut 1 Ojakgyo Brothers Korean Drama episode 47 cut 1 translation for this scene credit to soulsrebel wordpress.


SY wakes up and TB is watching her. January 13, at 3: Why they still feel shy each other after the kissed, hugged several times? She asks when he got them. How can you walk away from a guy like this — someone who is willing to endure utter humiliation just to cheer you up.


Summary for Nu Skin Enterprises Inc.

Notify me of new comments via email. He says he will stay cuz she is a patient. Then he does push ups. I didnt look on purpose and looked without realizing, but my wife got mad and left home. They get a call from a caller about how his wife left home cuz while he was with his wife at the movies, the husband looked at another woman passing by in a short skirt.

Mom is horrified and hits him. Sad that he’s always second lead. TB says he has something to give her and shows the rings he prepared.

Her name is ak and her comment can be found here. There was a small hole inside my heart.

They let go quickly. January 13, at 7: MS sees other women with their hair down so she puts hers down. TB says brothes cant trick her.