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Also glad to see you recap this drama. It was bo, it was. Choi Si-won turns out to be a great surprise as I normally don’t pin too much hope on these “pretty flower boys” and “idols-turned-actors”! Huh — well, this is a new side to Min-woo, and the reporter finds him pretty pure-hearted after all. Same thing in Goong, coffee prince, and now this damn show!! That surprises her — he met Min-woo? I agreed that she was not used very well in this drama but CS totally made up for it. After about 50 dramas these scenes are getting on my nerves.

Like in Goong, it was not shown if CG and LS returned to Korea etc etc but there were pictures showing that they had a baby.. Nevermind, there are lots of sistas around to cheer you on. What else can we expect, but of course, a NICE ending!!! Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Kae Hwa was too simplistic as a character, and made it look so easy to be good. Where do you get updates for the wrap up party?

He looks at her with puppy dog eyes and tells her to give her response after reading it. Thank youjavabeans for recapping this sweet, harmless drama right through to the end. So it takes a moment for her next words to really sink in, as she tells him: I love the breathtaking scenery, the couple standing in front of the ocean together, facing anything that comes to them and background of explaination of how they really found their true love after that little lie….

Even funnier is the fact that her heart thrilled to hear it. These two characters really deserve happiness, and I believe they will find it in each other.

Baby Recap for Lie to Me Episode 16

Her reluctance to engage in another relationship is perfectly understandable — protecting her own heart helps her better protect Minji. When they realize that about each other their hearts leap, and, reader, so did mine. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer framacrazy elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. And then they get the swirly-camera kiss — which is a nice way to bookend the drama, considering that this is very similar dramactazy how we started.


Ok, m going back to bed just for tinny winny bit.

Are you going to be watching Love keeps going? It is much better then imperfect wedding scene. What a spectacular final chapter, I am very happy, this drama was a beautiful trip, I laady that today would have a smile on my lips and tears in my eyes these scenes so tender.

Koala, you truly are a eposode to us. I just wanna see them in a special. Kisses hugs more kisses tighter hugs.

Though I would be suffering from LTM withdrawal symptoms!! But hey, it was sweet ending, nonetheless. The baby recaps is what saved me and mu me sane throughout this journey. Min-woo takes the family out to a nice restaurant.

KUDOS to you and hope you get to be a writer in dramas like this….

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Min Woo’s growth would not have existed were it wpisode for Gae Hwa. This drama gave us the connection we are looking for in all the k drama that we watched. Really thank you koala!!!! That was a fn and easy drama to watch.

Minwoo has come such a long way as a person, and he knows that he could have never done it without Yoon Kae-Hwa.

Once the main conflict has been overcome, or at least the 2 leads have admitted they love each other, the writers come up with a very emotional yet lesser conflict to get us through the last episodes. I enjoyed it and would recommend this drama to anyone who wants to come away from it with a smile and not feel like their time was sabotaged.



Go check it out. Me think that this is just a good breakfast in bed. Ki Joon counters that he loves her more. That’s the same with this drama. Ki Joon vows to stay by her side forever, Ah Jung makes him remember that promise.

Choi Siwon – I also enjoyed his performance as jy was a good fit for the role and I loved the 2 girls – they are adorable. This drama was to distract me from how long Wednesday and Thursday were because Personal Taste and Cinderella Sister came on those days.

I hope i can see of her more in this kind of romantic comedy stories. I thought her objections were reasonable but since this is the first time we hear of her not feeling like a desirable woman o where art though, make-over scene?

When she was suggesting someone for Minwoo to meet and then he replied that he likes sexy girls. No — since she fought with Mr.

In her eyes, Min-woo is serious about her. Now she can run to Ki Joon.