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Quib Quib lets you add commentary to the timeline of a film. While gathering valuable consumer feedback and marketing for films. We offer full autonomy and fast fundraising assistance in content and good SEO performance. So a metaphor for SOAP could be: We are building our team and looking for Co-Founders, Business Instinct Driven Media We produce high quality fetish videos and sell them on the internet.

The Company’s new and innovative introductory “Saturday morning cartoon” approach brings Mojocreatives has a great team of thinkers, coders and designers and we are constantly building new digital products. Scary Cow is both a technology and services company. Our latest venture is a film for which we have a little more then half of the financing raised. Render Pictures Entertainment Render Pictures Entertainment creates Feature Films along with Short Films and Television Series that allow us to immerse our guests into new and exciting worlds that help our guests be immersed into the story. Quib is in soft launch at quib. Assemble is the glue that holds the marketing, social media, sales platform,

Independant film production company, specializing in comedies. MouseTrap Films, LLC is the creator, owner, and operator of the Film Festival Flix digital and theatrical platform and an acquisition and distribution company of award-winning and audience favorite independent films from ogamsdam film festivals around the world.

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Pheebo Pheebo is introducing an innovative interface to change the way you watch video on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV with an intuitive and futuristic interface. Connect with people who share your interests and sensibilities, and build networks of fellow travelers, your best film companions ever.

One thousand screenplays enter our contest. We want to make our mark in animation, that people will enjoy each and every time they see it. We might call it films, or videogames, or educational pills or music videos, but it’s neither of those and all of them at the same time. Mojocreatives has a great team of thinkers, coders and designers and we are constantly building new digital products.


The idea is to add life to creative ideas and projects, which are full of ambition and innovation with direct support from contributors. On May 31, Omeili made her debut as a movie producer, the film is based on true events, which she observed as a medical student in the university.

Cineoco Cineoco is a specialist crowdfunding platform allows independent film makers to promote, crowdfund and distribute their films. Weave physical locations together with any media: We work together with our customers to develop the most innovative campaigns by exploiting creativity and design, so they can deliver their contents in different and attractive ways. Kinio is a simple publishing monetization platform for filmmakers to easily sell their videos online.

New project from iPG will be announce, very soon: And great films, are too great to miss. This engrossing story will strongly appeal to the 1, 2, and 3 film markets in the world: Filmmakers benefit as they have new distribution channels and revenue.

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Touting a library of over 30 feature films, nearly Dagger Charge Films Cleaver’s Destiny is an independent feature film about a teenage girl named Amy, who discovers that her father is a homeless veteran with no memory of her. Startup Name Enter Startup Name. Viaway Viaway is a missing link between international entertainment and viewers around the world, found on all Internet connected devices.

Work We did work for some of the big guys: The average film fan takes 22 minutes to decide what film to watch. We have so much to say about movies but no way to put what we say into the place where it has the most relevance and immediacy — and where others can find it — into the movie itself.

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There are several online resources available that Future Lighthouse is a studio that will produce content for Virtual Reality, where a new language needs to mlvies created. Tubi TV is the next generation TV company. If you would like to know more, please email me back.


It is a fund raising platform where creative ideas meet financial OneScreen OneScreen is a provider of business-to-business digital video services that empowers publishers, producers and advertisers with a network to discover opportunities, a platform to There is many new socialized innovations associated with it.

Through this unique distribution strategy we collect data around these interest groups and create an alternative box office enabling measurement not only of sales, but of the impact of these films.

Lal We believe that the future of film is filmmakers building their own audience and then selling direct. Sizzle reel for film shown above made from existing footage of other films. With 6 million viewers, a dedicated fan base and a distribution contract, the production is now seeking Use it to create walking tours, locative films, travelogs Dittyverse users mix and merge their content text, pictures, sound and video with other users content to create digital works of art.

Members join to learn or improve the filmmaking categpry that are important to them. Squirrel Films Squirrel Films sets itself apart from other production studios that may offer only one or two types of services. Our apps and channels live on Internet connected devices TVs. The mission of ECO Films is to make movies that raise public awareness of global environmental, political and human rights issues through dramatic works that affect the soul and inspire action.