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The Octonauts venture inside a whale shark again see Series 1 , episode 1 , this time to rescue a porcupine puffer fish. The Octonauts recruit a shape-shifting mimic octopus to help them recover an important vial of medicinal algae from a moray eel’s lair. Vegimals voice Paul Panting Kwazii takes a vacation on Coconut Island where he gets hit by some coconuts. Check below for episodes and series from the same categories and more! The team’s recently built GUP-K is also there to save the day. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Peso tries to help a young timid sperm whale overcome his fear of deep diving, an ability it must later use to rescue Peso when he gets caught by a giant clam on the seabed. The Blue Whale 5th March Episode Captain Barnacles allows Tunip to use his Octo-compass. List of episodes in series one. Captain Barnacles’ narwhal friends see Series 1 , episode 17 are trapped under the Arctic ice. The Spookfish 27th March Episode

The Octopod is grabbed by a colossal squid. The Beluga Whale 17th March Episode But they may not be alone in their abandoned ship Photos Add Swashbucoling Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Captain Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso guard the jellyfish at a distant reef, so Shellington rushes to photograph it, damaging the GUP-E and booster packs in the process.

Me grandad always wanted to find that treasure. Algae 13th March Episode Animated deep sea adventures with Captain Barnacles and his explorers. But one of Barnacles’ old friends, Boris the narwhal, helps them to break through the ice with his long tusk.

The Baby Dolphin 23rd March Episode After a storm, the Octonauts help a female seahorse search for her missing mate.

Peso and the gang try to repair a reef by replacing bleached corals, but a pod of playful dolphins make mischief for them until they discover that helping can be fun too. Peso is going home to Antarctica to watch an annual penguin triathlonthe Iron Clam Competitionbut learns to his dismay that his little brother Pinto has entered him in it.


As Tweak tests the Gup-X deep down in the Midnight Zonea yeti crab cuts a vital electrical wire in the ship and cuts off all power, endangering itself and the Octonauts.

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She tells them to Kwazii’s surprise that the missing male seahorse is about to give birth to baby seahorses! These freezing waters are shivering me whiskers. The Jellyfish Bloom 22nd March Episode Some algae-eating fish need help dealing with damselfish that chase them off the algae they are farming. They end up crashing the Gup at the bottom of an ocean trenchbut luminous sea stars light the way out for them. The Octonauts think they’ve seen a ghost but it turns out to be an albino humpback whale who is moaning from the pain of a nasty sunburn.

The GUP-D goes haywire with a fiddler crab at the controls and burrows under the beach causing a sink hole to appear which almost swallows them all up. A jawfish father has lost the eggs he was brooding and the Octonauts must bring them safely back to him.

Maties, I’m going to need your help. But when he helps Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso in a mission to help Dashi and Shellington escape, he begins to like being a medic.

Hungry gulper eels as well as undersea tremors threaten Inkling and Kwazii and get trapped by boulders. The Octonauts’ mission to explore Antarctica during which they marvel at sea tulips and hourglass dolphins becomes a desperate rescue as a group of sea stars and urchins are threatened otonauts a brinicle – a rare underwater icicle that can freeze creatures on the sea bed.


Are we going to look for the Pirate King’s sword, matey? When Kwazii gets lost at sea aboard the tiny octo-ski, seried meets a flotilla of even tinier sea skaters, the only insects of the ocean.

Octonauts – Swashbuckling Swordfish

After the Octopod breaks down, Tweak knows that the only way to get the new part that she needs is to take a trip to the old Octopod. A walrus mistakes Peso’s medical bag for a clam and takes it home. With the Octonauts cheering him on, Peso will have to slide, dive and swim his way to victory, against the annual athletic winner, Hugo.

The other Octonauts try to save him but they get lost too.

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The three “flying swords” turn out to have been three swordfish, which love jumping out of the water, but the pirate sword proves to be real. When Swashbucklinb patient, serkes remora fish, mysteriously disappears, the Octonauts enlist a unique undersea detective – a harbour seal. Only Peso can save the day when a cone snail invades the Octopod and tranquilizes the crew one by one with its dangerous venom-filled harpoons. After being blocked by hostile capybarasthey are reunited with the others in time to fight off more anacondas.