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CAP enrolls approximately 60 a year while accepting approx. Please and thank you?? For routine counseling appointments, students can call Counseling and Wellness at That could be very frustrating since the dream is within reach, but you are not allowed to touch it. The remedy is communication. Depending on where in California you may live, the cost of living may not be as much of a shock as you think. For routine problems affecting physical health, students can call the Student Health Center for an appointment or simply drop in to the Student Health Center at Broadway, 3rd floor to see a nurse.

Life upon the wicked stage ain’t ever what a girl supposes. My SoCal mom’s bottom line advice: I can’t confirm the list’s accuracy, but it makes for a helpful place to begin. Most of the faculty are from Carnegie Mellon, and they’re all working professionals. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. It’s an evil evil program bringing down the intelligence of its students and making them poor riff raff whole sing and dance their way through life instead of being educated.

They generally audition for straight drama and for MT. Nyu tisch 16 Posted: For routine counseling appointments, students can call Counseling and Wellness at It stands confidentiao Collabrative Arts Project.

Parents who have been down this road have some valuable hindsight.

Within CAP 21, the focus is mostly on dance, then voice The BFA programs are structured in a way that at many schools there is no time for a “fall back” major – unless you can go a fifth year – and that’s another 60k, plus. That debt could be crushing and force you out of your dream early. Nyu tisch 6 Posted: The remedy is communication. But thanks for the info! My SoCal mom’s bottom line advice:. Seeing statements like BoCo being called one of the top MT programs in the country just makes me shake my head.


FYI for all of you out of school It hovers around that number every year. Nyu tisch 9 Posted: It will put your fears to rest. Definitely sell that point when you’re auditioning. Nyu tisch 13 Posted: If your heart is set on going to school in New York, there are other cheaper options.

Your God seems to have said “My Way or the Highway”. There is some self-selection going on as there are so few spots at the “top” programs that the schools are taking the “best” who have the best chance at success. The mom tells me. How are your academic grades?

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You can also call the Tisch Office of Student Affairs during regular business hours at That supposes a trip to NYC is in the cards financially.

But I wanted to have NYU on cofnidential resume because it not only distinguishes me as an actor, but as a scholar, and that is what I was looking for in a school. Sorry I wasn’t trying to insult your looks. Weather it’s good or not depends on people’s own thinking.


That’s where the jobs are, he said. These are always dangerous questions to ask on the board, because theatre students have such strong biases. You just need good dramaa.

And, there are many more “All our dreams can come true — if we have the courage to pursue them. Life upon nuy wicked stage ain’t ever what a girl supposes.

Do your research and have a group of schools on your list that would likely be a financial fit, and avoid magical thinking about getting miracle scholarships where there probably aren’t any. The best online site for information on the MT college process is: I think they have about applicants every confidentjal for spots, while some of the other competitive programs have about applicants for less than 50 spots.

Just look at Kelli Colege.


The other day I was talking to the head of a BFA Acting program in a major midwestern university and his advice was to study film acting in California. Collaborative Arts Project 21st Century. Parents can also call the Wellness Exchange for advice about confidemtial to help a sick student.