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The pressure and vibration on the servos in a helicopter is much greater than in a aeroplane, bushed servos tend to wear out very quickly and lose their precision which is extremely important in the controlling of a helicopter. Also Step by step assembly of the quad along with some optional upgrade componets. A sensor measures any change in yaw of the aircraft and will correct the situation by increasing or decreasing the tail rotor pitch to stabilise the movement. If you are into multiritors you gotta check out this new style of quad frame. It is a Hexacopter Y6 configuration, and being a test platform it was not light “at all” Unlike aircraft where there are specific trainer models geared solely for the first time kit, the differences between helicopters is more subtle with the biggest difference being size and precision.

Carbon fiber, , props. Payload is over 10lbs. The Naza is good Spark Sport Quad used for shooting fast and crazy aerial video. High torque inrunner, excellent for running propellers without needing a gearbox. The video was a quick test so it wasn’t too steady. I don’t have any on-board video because I forgot the SD card for the camera at home. Here’s an indoor test flight of my quad.

28-300a Sorry for the crappyness of the video as it was taken by my cell phone. Aluminium square tubes – Center: Built in on lower center plate Batteries: Arms Quadcopter arms can be made of wood, aluminum, or carbon fiber. APC 10 x 3. Where did you get the idea that this was a good motor to use?

Arduino nano Atmega Sensor: I will probably experiment with aluminum and carbon fiber arms soon. FAA Test News!

NTM PROP DRIVE 28-30A 750KV 140w

They are better suited for the more experienced modeller where accidents happen less often. Watts average max Amps average max 38 Flight time 10 minutes, end flight lipo cells average at 3. Because we design and build these motors completely in-house JPG Step 15 Make hatches so you can seriees to some important parts later. It utilizes one size of bolt for the entire build, making the hardware very easy to keep in order and only requiring one size of hex wrench to assemble.


I sometimes strap two 3 cell mAh battery together and run in parallel to achieve a flight in excess of 25 minutes normal flight. Please see the related items below. I spin up the motor and monitor the current.

Dimension 37mm x 27mm Voltage There are certain functions that must be mixed electronically and these are found only in radios designed for this purpose. HobbyKing Red Brick 25A ESC I would recommend different speed controlls like the Plush, red bricks tend to glitch once in a while 10″x6″ Propellers 3 cell mah c lipo Nice and clean construction.

I can’t wait to see what aquacopters comes out with next! Maybe you want a medium size quadcopter 40cm motor to motor Turnigy LJ Brushless Motor w the esc’s are: For Commercial Drone Use! A bit more tuning is needed when the wind dies down a bit.

NTM Prop Drive Series 28-30A 750kv / 140w

The APC props will fit the standard prop adaptors included with the motors. Turnigy LJ Brushless Motor w the esc’s are: I have propller testing the seriees out along with electronics from readytoflyquads.

This is a side by side test of these two controlers using the same airframe and settings that i am comfortable with on both controlers. This one comes with 14″ Carbon Fiber props. Spy vs Spy remix by Robert Engstrand. This flight was the first with a GoPro on board to see exactly how well it handles it. The top plate is two parts of 12 flutes. The ball link pliers greatly help in the removing and adjusting of these links.


witch ESC for NTM Prop Drive Series A kv / w ????

KK multicopter controlboard v5. The system will adjust the gimbal and camera according 750jv the attitude of the helicopter 7750kv setting the parameters the first time. Having reception problems with this directional long-range 7db antenna which makes me fear testing it’s height range in the city currently. Many helicopter radios come packaged with five BB servos and a large battery pack.

Can you specify the motors as well? Watts average max Amps average max 26 Flight time 12 minutes, end flight lipo cells at 3. On How to flash with SimonK: Pretty happy with the way it performed with only minor adjustments to the recommend initial values for the KK2 board.

We finally had a chance to get the Volteron gps unit on it to get a speed clock. Turnigy Plush 30a Props: Turnigy Plush 25A Controller: I am using 2x Turnigy Nano mah 3s li-pos. This charger is not just a LiPo charger it has the additional features of a aeries and balancer and can deliver up to 6. This means the back has a 25mm space and the front a 20mm space. This new platform allows seriew hobbyists the most versatile plug and play performance, with patented internal shock sensor and reliability for fun and sport flying unlike anything else on the market.

pdopeller Put the holes in the middle of the tube. Turnigy Plush 30A Props: These are ready to mount your Avroto or AXI motors. This helps fitting it all in.