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Asikassiko, June-July , Sie Kwaku i This he proceeded to do with a deal of success. Then in disaster struck. He never returned to Asante, dying in the Seychelles in Kumase, 6 May and 14 and 29 March ; ibid. The issue that no one mentioned was moneymaking by the chiefs from Aberewa. In Asante, female pythons were said to talk with oracular power and to be found in the company of egg-eating snakes. Sakrobundi had the same form of burial as Abirewa.

It travelled via Wa to Lawra, and there voices told Sie Kwaku to ask a learned Muslim where he must go next. Pamu, 9 July encl. Sakrobundi found witches in the same way and had the same laws. It was also and in consequence politically suspect, and most particularly in the context of masquerading. When more of the Medicine is required the long snake is fed full with eggs and yams mixed together. Sie Kwaku was known and esteemed throughout Gyaman and beyond. Indigenised elaborations and variants of stories about Aberewa became widespread throughout Asante. Kyebi, March , there is a detailed comparison between the Hwe me so , Kundi and Tigare movements.

What was it precisely that led Sie Kwaku to switch from a Nafana Senufo masquerade to a more transparently Akan model of witch-finding?

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Une histoire du royaume abron du Gyaman: They were roughly treated and abused. Obuase, 23 August ; and ibid. Then it was pushed into a pit less than two feet deep that was lined with thorns. The short answer is, I do not know. As Aberewa spread ever further distant from Gyaman, Sie Wpisode himself vanished from accounts of its provenance.


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The mask was ethically dubious. There, the French said that they could not find Sie Kwaku, but had heard he was paying out large sums of money to Gyaman chiefs to hide him.

Kyebi, 1 July Then in disaster struck. Kumase, 14 January Two deadly snakes, one very long and one short, follow after Abiriwah wherever it goes. Kumase, 27 July Her body was stripped of its head and pubic hair, its finger and toe nails, and a part of the tongue. She died suddenly, and Kofi Kese sent for Yaw Atiwa who said that Aberewa killed her when it found out she was a witch in disguise.

This removed the divisive blight of human self-interest from witch-finding.

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References Bibliographical reference T. It was occupied by Kumase troops, fined, and stripped of land and villages. Sunyani, May ; ibid.

Kumase, 27 July and 6 August ; ibid. He wore both on his person in precisely this configuration, and said the Aberewa medicine bound to his chest complemented and completed the Sakrobundi counterpart he had long carried on his back. He put Buna to nsolo sack, massacring, enslaving and displacing thousands.


It was Sakrobundi alone that accused, punished or redeemed. Inhe was over sixty years old. Bsoko believed it first and took some of the medicine.

Quite predictably, this involved the importation of a new witch-finding power sanctioned by the Gyamanhene and embraced by his subjects. Like Domankama before it, Aberewa was shhow to parallel and to mimic and parody? Witches were dwirifo ] [der.

Thomas to Under Secretary of State for the Colonies, dd.

Sakrobundi had the same form of burial as Abirewa. But it is not to deny Sie Kwaku his private proeprty in belief to note that he could exercise power without responsibility, or explain his dispositions to himself as the will of Sakrobundi.

He went first from Welekei to Menji. That supply was able to go on meeting demand was largely due to the fact that Welekei suffered little if anything at the hands of Samori Turay. Ofinsohemaa Sewaa Nyaako named two royals in succession to succeed Yaw Beko, but the British vetoed both.