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Well they actually do win most of their games, it’s just not that they’re guaranteed to win every single one. But probably also because of the story and characters’ past I could not comprehend what was going on with the sky or walls Well it’s hard to keep watching even after the first episode. Ah, I actually meant to type , just after you left higschool. Anyway, sounds like fun!

Gotta go to school now, cya. Yeah, but what I lack is just the “courage” it’s not really a matter of courage but I can’t find a better word to tell people what I think. If they manage to make some more second season will be even more enjoyable. FT I managed without any real problems though. Here in my small island the problem is not the temperature – it’s always hot anyway – but more the weather. But I’ll watch it, I’m a bit curious. If you can survive that, you can survive Elfen Lied. But if someday I feel like it can make me laugh enough I might watch it.

Which one was it? It’s not too much after 25 episodes of romcom. Watched episode 2 after it was still very cool. I understand how it could be unsetting – I’ve heard Texan accent before and My main problem with it was the way they set it out, but if I can over that then I may actually like it I only remember the joy when you told me next poll would be about voice ators and it erases every information you gave me about polls ever.

As for the Madoka ending – It just sounds so freaking cool.

Mine is 5 too. First off – the season finales. Jesus christ thats almost 10 cm shorter than me I’m having trouble finding a show to replace Baccano atm, but when I do I’ll probably watch a few episodes of MariaHolic. Plus it helps training Japanese, since you can’t read all the subs you are forced animewatfles make efforts to understand.


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Thwarted again by Naraku, Inuyasha, Kagome It’s weird she almost doesn’t do anything else, because she was good in MN and the series had some success. I’d like to try and test my resistance to randomness. Wnimewaffles he discovers she’s a lesbian and they blackmail each other not to have their secrets revealed. Also really looking forward to Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san, which will probably be as useless as Sakura Trick, but cuter than Akuma no Riddle.

I actually don’t know who is Laura Bailey either I can’t wait. I dunno if you’ve heard yet, but Log Horizon is getting another season in Autumn Spring for me though Looks like there’ll be some exciting shows this season! From the gif I sometimes see here, it looks quite random – or it’s just that I don’t know the background.

Ah, don’t worry, some day a producer will remember her and give her another awesome role and launch her carreer! That’s why I don’t pay so much attention to ratings. I’d like to give you some excellent ideas as well Ouran so far is – well it’s a shoujo harem, so you may find parts of it difficult to watch, but it’s actually pretty funny, and for a comedy I actually thought the serious moments were really well done.

Here French is mandatory until you graduate from Highschool in the “regular” studies.

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Really, it looks intersting, it stays on my famous-stuff-to-watch-later list. When I know a dpisode is good I’d rather let it blurry in my head and see what happens when I watch it.

The gore isn’t the point of the show but it ahimewaffles very much there. I don’t have a bad understanding in English, but some american – maybe even australian, I don’t remember – accents It’s funny to see how much we have in commen when we talk about anime during infinite threads Madoka, S;G now, etc. Not even the children were spared Well I’m not sure about order of anticipation, but I’m really looking forward to next week I don’t know if I’ll survive watching it but I feel the irrepressible I don’t remember if this one is transparent urge to watch the hell out of it.


Gotta go to school now, cya. I haven’t seen your 2 or 4, but I like your 1, 3 and 5. I was too busy cringing and crying internally for that poor girl to notice the facte they overdo it as usual.

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So no poll this week? Oh well, ya get what ya get.

I see we both consider Mawaru Penguindrum as the Absolute I really like Laura Bailey. But probably also because of the story and characters’ past It’ll probably end up with another season, so who knows. What a perv cute thing to do. Yeah, it looks like the kind of series that make good sleeping anime. Well I fell asleep on my computer and just woke up in the middle of animewafflrs night, saw your comment.

I do the same sometimes, checking if someone – aka you when we’re in the middle of the thread – answered me here. Gotta find a sytsem that automatically puts a gigablanket on you mid-sleep.

Well my opinion didn’t change, I’m not a big fan of fpisode harem and the ric atmosphere kind of pisses me off. Last episode he saw his ex-senpai, in the end he asks if he can see her again and she answers “But you’re a hikkikomori” looking down at him?