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Pari is sick, she needs meds not lectures about improving her harkatein. Mohabbat aik sagar by Farhat Ishtiaq. Pari was sick, we knew that from day one. Subscribe to receive new post. He got everything on a plate.. I think u beat Pari to it when it comes to loving R!! M anxiously waiting for it but ab I understand your busy schedule so take your time dearest SZ and I believe ab ap free hoty he yahan ayeen ge as if meri udaasi ka sawal hai na..

Ayesha aray bhai ghussa tou aana tha naa!!.. Even though it was all about her, Pari was remarkably absent in all the back and forth between Ruqqaiya and Azam. The camera work has somehow defused the need for big sets and interior design. It was only after Azam assured her that Pari would be a part of their lives that she agreed to his proposal. And i didnt realize orange is such a big thing at the moment.. SO, this is just for Ruqayya:

SQ was not very impressive in this episode and DT gayd screaming a bit. Sajal has been amazing I think. To save her but unfortunately he becomes the source of his destruction.

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Ayesha sorry been busy with things lately. Ur warm welcome any time my dear. Memona Khursheed AliNovelsNikhzr. NovelsRomanticUmme Emaan.


NovelsRomanticSidra Sehar. You are really a very nice addition to this thread. Sanatta has really stretched the scenes uglab Ruqqaiya and Azam, for so many episodes the story is revolving around how Azam wants to be the sole part of Ruqqaiya and wants Ruqqaiya to not give much significance to Pari.

Ruqayya, jb pari uski zindage me ayi, ik baachi the, magar uski feelings, usk ehsasaat uski needs ik bachi wlai nhi rahin the. Khawateen Digest November Pari sees herself as Ruqqaiya, but have we ever really paused to think about how Ruqqaiya sees herself reflected in Pari as well?

It is his asray and extra conciousness that is forcing. While consciously she might be doing this all for Pari, subconsciously it is Ruqqaiya looking to protect Gulqb. May God bless u always.

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But ur discussions def made me see things I had never picked up on before. Naila TariqNovelsRomantic. I too had a ROFL moment on lock the doors and reshma jawan hogaye.

But I always loved to discuss Ruqayya again n again as much as I can lol yahan sb ye baat janty hain I thought apko bata bhi bata dun then, waray for a sake of purely discussing her character with U would be very pleasure able for me.!! Ruqayya k pas kabhi koi aisa nhi tha jo usy ye kehta.

Review Nikhar Gaye Gulab Sare. M anxiously waiting for it but ab I understand your busy schedule so take your time dearest SZ and I believe ab ap free hoty he yahan ayeen ge as mikhar meri udaasi ka sawal hai na. I just go on with the main theme and his personality, will take only major reasons.


It was a very interesting discussion on Rs character. Azam has sensed the danger from the very beginning that Pari tou pari, Ruqayya is also very ab-normal in her attitude with pari.


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She made one great gran!! Your all intense reviews on one side and such funny sarcastic reviews on other side.

Actually, when a person, apart from sins and intentional mistakes a pious mancommit any thing, the punishment feeling in him emerges like hurricane and it remain extreme till to have a jerk or obstacle in his way. U will get so many more POVs.

Ruqqaiya knows Pari better than anyone else in this world so why wait till after her marriage to have this Reshma jawan ho gayi talk. Ruqayya jesy halaat me thi, aisy me pari ka wajood shayd usk liye wo objective tha jis me involve ho kar wo bhi us udaasi se chutkaara pana chahti the. Sannata ki gulzb memory ya kuch funn experience ya kuch bhi.