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In addition, Nic reveals his hopes for the future, and what his time at OLTL meant to him looking back a year later after he filmed his final scenes in Llanview. I like the thought that on a TV series people can see you every week, and the work is consistent, and it pays well. It’s very exciting, a great plot. General Hospital January 21, So it’s definitely not the soap schedule where you shoot one, two or more episodes in a day. Breaking News February 24, Then some other people die and she sees his true colors, and the ending … is a surprise! That’s kind of what my character is after in this movie.

If they keep coming my way, I would definitely do them. Kristen only lives a mile from me here in L. I owe everything to that show. Look, I would take any of them! Thanks for the great interview with Nic. That is a great show and people love it. He then latches on even more to his roommate, Brandon Brian Borello , in creepy way.

Breaking News February 24, I even recorded the movie from LMN, I can watch this movie over moviss over and over again lol. General Hospital February 18, When the young man comforts the unhappily married mother of his recently deceased roommate, while she mourns the loss of her son, she robucm that Shane Nic Robuck may have been the one responsible for the death of her son. In the short, we explored how what you teach your children is going to influence the next generation.

December 16, Breaking News February 16, The actor has signed on to play the lead in the film “A Dark Plan. A couple of weeks later there was the table read, and then we began shooting. He does what movles can to change that situation, and things transpire laughs and the roommate dies.


Loved Nic in the movie, he did a great job.

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For Shane to survive it and make it to college and everything, he had to say that he was an orphan. Work on another film? He and his roommate become fast friends, and the roommate takes him home to meet his mom, played by Kelly Lynch.

But I also feel like it could be an impetus to get more things going in my career. I like the thought that on a TV series people can see you every week, and the work is consistent, robuc, it pays well.

I would love to see more of him!

Breaking News January 26, This was all a quick process. Tonight is a big night for Nic Robuck! Breaking News February 25, Breaking News February 17, Developing at Soap Opera Network Even you were originally surprised that it is airing tonight! Breaking News January 15, His mom died when he was young and he had an abusive father.


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November 16,5: So it’s definitely not the soap schedule where you shoot one, two or more episodes in a day. So of course, I was having some performance anxiety Laughs.

I auditioned twice, and the second time was for the director. But just what brings the murdered deadbeat dad back to the nci And when I know it to come on again I will watch it then too…. Here is the thing: Her husband is not around to comfort her, and Shane is. All My Children February 11, What I found difficult in this role was holding back a bit.

Given his rough upbringing, he hasn’t experienced much interaction with other people, and getting and giving love.


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What do you think of Jussie still maintaining his innocence to the cast? But the distribution company loved the clips they saw robucm upped the deadline for the film to be done, edited and screened.

Then let us know, if you were shocked and happy to see Jaime win an Oscar via the comment section below. That is a great show and people love it. That was fun, but that was also very nerve-wracking.

Nic Robuck Interview: OLTL Star Goes To The Dark Side in New TV Movie, Dark Desires!

GH icon Genie Francis chats with Michael Fairman about her return to the soap as Laura after being taken off-contract earlier this year. It’s a crime robuc, thriller so I hope people are excited to see that, as opposed to The Days of Christmas. But given that, I also had a wonderful time working on this film. As to the subject matter of their Oscar-winning short film, Newman said to the press: Looks nnic the Dark Desires planned released date was moved up!

Interviews February 20, I thought I booked this already.

Likes Followers Followers Followers. She welcomes it, and they start this very hot, steamy, and sexy affair. He always was very talented, likable, and er…um…kinda easy on the eyes too! So when all was said and done, was playing Shane easy for you to kind of slip into his skin, and envelop playing this type of complex character?