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We do love to dig. It makes me hungry watching it! She likes him and is disappointed when he says he will bring his wife. Da Mo seems upset about the break up too but as he has convinced his parents that he is not gay, they start trying to find him a wife. You are commenting using your WordPress. All that cute stuff. If they had just spent time to review and edit the script, we would have had a well told tale.

In my country, there is a saying – when a newborn comes, someone goes. Ra Ra plans to get married too. FF button, you rock. Decide to have her hair raised by some obscenely wealthy movie boss. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Speaking of fangirls, I just saw Jo Han-seon in your header and a scream just escaped my lips, so high-pitched I just scared myself. But you give me THIS now?

Contributors Beu-ti beu-ti cious. Ra Ra was spoiled at first but later was redeemed as she is proven to be a good friend of Sa Ran. Sa Ran has trouble with her step mum Sa Ran is in shock.

New Tales of Gisaeng episodes 1 – 10 review

Guests at the gisaeng house Sa Ran is headhunted by head gisaeng Ms. Because she named the character Ah Soo Ra and it is explained to us that epixode of that name, he’s easily possessed by ghosts. Beu-ti March 29, at 3: To think I almost watched this drama…. You are commenting using your Twitter account.


Later Ah Mi questions Sa Ran about this. Her own daughter ran away to marry unprepared because of her.

Beu-teelicious: korean drama review: New Tales of Gisaeng

Andreyou are the best! Events unfolding before me and beyond me. This site uses cookies. He could have find a job suitable for his condition and not let his 2nd wife work only.

I was shocked too actually. I hope to see more of him in other in-coming dramas together with LSH. The step-mother also pissed me off every time she came in the scenes.

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Stunned, she tells the waiter to throw the cake away and leaves in shock. Indignant lovers who try to get them out of that world. But then she starts making even crazier decisions! Fate is starting to go against Sa Ran. Thank you subbing team for the wonderful subs. No, not Kyle and Ra-ra.

The guy can act even though he’s a newbie. It happened one night when he woke up to pee. He hears that the woman he is searching for is dead. I hope the scriptwriter had given them more screen time, instead of wasting it on minor characters like the trio at the gisaeng house.

It feels like scenes are created to show us something such as personality traits or relationship problems but then once the point has been made no mention is made of this again. And why I scamper off in the opposite direction when he comes home and calls for me.


He can’t be bothered to give any woman the time of day Grandfather takes a bowl of water outside to pray to find his granddaughter, while his daughter in law looks on, sadly. Not just one episode, mind you, episodee twenty in all, from Episode 25 to Episode After learning that Ra-ra was not the biological daughter of Dr.

And… to top it off, even make mention of a certain lead in Assorted Gemssaying Seo Young-guk might drop in at Buyonggak one of these days. Any scenes with Kyle in it after he met Ra Ra. Not quite lovebirds yet, actually.

He seems arrogant but interested in her at the same time. Geum and his newly acquired wife, the former head chef of Buyonggak. ChulSoo has to go along with whatever HwaJa says. He tries to get his mum to stand up to his dad. Except Andre, of course. I tried google for sypnosis of each episode of this drama but can’t find. I mean, I did enjoy it, the drama of the story was great!