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The scene is light-hearted as the men drink more and more to try to settle their disagreement. And we saw what happened there. She suggests that they allow younger guests to come, not just the very elite, so that they can have all the rooms full and make more money. She knows he will want them to move back in when he misses his evening vegetable drinks and healthy meals. MikoD April 23, at 9: September 14, August 7, dramasrok NT of Gisaeng.

I just rode along and said “SME: These pictures reminded me so much of the episode where they were walking wearing identical caps – and they looks so good together in that scene! Jang will finally find contentment too. If I may, I think thundie is referring to Brilliant Legacy. Thanks to this show, Soo Hyang became my fav actress! I hope the scriptwriter had given them more screen time, instead of wasting it on minor characters like the trio at the gisaeng house. Wondering if the writer intends this drama to be a contemporary version of Gisaeng Story in which the female lead is a tragic figure who forsakes all relationships for art and because of status differences , or a love story where the female lead is a tragic figure who overcomes obstacles to live happily-ever-after? You are commenting using your WordPress.

Wild and wonderful New Gisaeng Story โ€” thundie’s prattle. But then she gets a fever. Da Mo and Sa Ran are adults so they should be able to decide for themselves where they live. Any scenes with Kyle in it after he met Ra Ra.

Sa Ran comes from a poor family, but she maintains her dignity around friends who come from rich families. I remember reca what writer Im Sung-han was on and where I could get some.

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Ah Soo Ra was the rising star of the show and he stole every scene was in. And the lack of proper recovery time for earlier injuries which worsened with their punishing schedules.

Remember the hilariously outlandish case of Aurora Princess? They’re so unprofessional from how they taales Lee Taeim-Yewon scandal and now this. If they had just spent time to review and edit the script, we would have had a well told tale. Jang moves back into the gisaeng house. Mandy April 23, at Son Ja has to spend a lot of time grovelling and getting punished โ€” kneeling with his arms in the air โ€” before Gong Joo will forgive him.


The man has no prior drama or movie to his name. In a rather Korean stye! Averic April 23, at 3: Neither of the families is particularly pleased to hear about the wedding.

Han tells her she had her conception dream and then suggests she get reca; pregnancy test.

Makjang writer makes grand exit from dramaland ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

You know, I think she’d be an interesting case study. Her own daughter ran away to marry unprepared because of her.

We’ll get Anthony from KOD to produce it! If I tell you I grinned from ear to ear, does that answer your question? New tales of Gisaeng is one of my all-time favorite dramas and has my top OTP. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue.

Episode 18 to 34 are poignant and are the highlight of the show and live up to the show title.

New Tales of Gisaeng Review: episodes 41-51 Other Storylines

The extreme craziness actually started after his death, she doesn’t have anyone to ground her and keep her crazy scenes short and far in between like in the past.

I actually think this drama is even more interesting now, with all the added episde turn of events. Shamsimadahi, kouroubao, queen0flove16, rosemarynthyme. She reveals to Da Mo that a stranger once told her not to marry him because his family had strong spirits. Maybe it’s her way of coping with it?

If only Ms Han had been there!! That’s why I stopped watching teleseryes because they’re too makjang even by the usual K drama standards and as gisadng get more extensions, the makjang-iness gets worse.

A head eecap at Buyongkak observes Sa Ran’s natural beauty and grace as well as dancing talent, and recommends her to become a gisaeng. The ghost also makes him get up in the middle of the night and cook lots of packets of instant ramen! Her current title is very similar to the title of Lee Go-eun’s imaginary drama in KoD: He agrees and epizode Sa Ran and Da Mo move back home.


But then my knowledge on the country and citizens is somewhat limited and I welcome any tidbit that helps me understand them better.

The paranormal activity I pf not mind; however I wish it had been explained better; I mean I think its another of these phenomena that’s happening the world over, of late, you don’t find a southamerican drama where there aren’t tarot card readers and mediums and witchcraft; Asian cultures hold these services on their ancestors demises in practically all dramas I’ve watched gisqeng now, so the belief that ancestors happily live along us is not farfetched to include in a drama, specially if you want to show the excellent actor you’ve given an odious character to play.

They go to a nice restaurant because he wants to talk to her again about getting married. Tara April 23, at In the morning the adjummas wonder who ate all the ramen. By 0ly40 Started October 30, He has softened towards her but he is still a hard man used to getting his own way.

Her mum of course takes this very badly and starts beating her. He does seem rather obsessive though. She must love killing her off!

Hope to see them as real lovey-dovey couple. He realises that his mother was right all along and that he should have been happy to accept Sa Ran as his daughter-in-law from the beginning. It was my first long drama over 20 episodes! When SaRan was in labor in the hospital, her mouth started or again – she is even angrier that with the additional wealth in SaRan’s name after finding her real parents, her and pushover husband are not given enough security.

Grandmother is upset because Grandfather had wanted to do a DNA test with Sa Ran episove he died, but Grandmother talles refused to listen to him. It was like, “Hello! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.