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Da Mo goes to bed and gets a flashback of Sa Ran dancing. Now we have music and slow motion and the camera moving back and forth showing different angles of Sa Ran and Ms. Episode 1 has a quirky start. Da Mo is annoyed with his attitude. Other reviews by this user. As Sa Ran is leaving the house she bumps into Da Mo. He continued, “Kissing underwater took 2 hours.

Posted August 31, Top Actors Add New Person. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Other reviews by this user. She has a limp. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

The friends discover this is the last of the real traditional gisaeng houses in Korea and that the girls working there have to be pretty and talented. The girls get ready to drive to the ski resort. When the MC pushed him on he said, “I did during the drama but not anymore”.

Posted August 11, Han hanging around outside. Posted August 18, Seung hoon liked that scene too She gives Sa Ran her business card saying she works for a gisaeng house called Buyonggak. Lee, arrives home at the gisaeng house. Posted July 22, Posted September 2, Han goes every week.

Finally watched the Finale episodes once they were uploaded onto my soju. While Sa Ran is dancing in front of his grandmother, Da Mo arrives home. We can see that his wife seems keen to greet him but he is not warm towards her. His wife is very upset and collapses.

When she gets drrama and goes into her nice big room with a walk-in wardrobe she notices that someone has been in her room. Is crazu why there is so much fuss made about him now? Da Mo is given the dog to take and he seems annoyed. The friends are all dance students but it seems like the others are all from wealthier families.


But she is worried that he will leave all his money to his other son and family. He continued, “Kissing underwater took 2 hours. At the gisaeng house the staff is getting ready for some VIP guests.

By angelangie Started January 25, She has fo them that she goes to the temple and they wonder why. Da Mo discovers that Sa Ran likes dogs so he offers to give Andre to her. She has not given up on getting the money from her father-in-law.

I thought, well, then maybe there’ll srama this big tearful scene with DM’s if asking for SR’s forgiveness and promising to lavish his love and affection onto his daughter in law and granddaughter to make up for past hurts but even at the baby’s dohl party all he said was, “Thanks for being a wise and something graceful?

Ah feels relieved that he is fine but meanwhile his wife is in hospital still shocked at the news.

The New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 1 – dramasROK

Lee about where Ms. So Sa Ran will meet Da Mo again at the resort. Posted July 29, He has an issue with the dog! By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, Srama always knows the names of their guests and what dishes they prefer.

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The New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 1

She looks sullen and seems to be taking gisaengg dancing very seriously, twisting her hips and throwing her arms in the air. They could have at least allowed SR to stay with her parents for awhile after giving birth instead of DM’s dad “demanding” that she return to her ILs with the baby.


Im Sung Han Directors: It is fully English-subbed on Viki. He finds himself involuntarily drawn to her, and their relationship begins.


The signs tell us so. He gets angry and storms into his room. She realizes that her aunt has been snooping around her things again and she throws a tantrum. They are after something, so his daughter-in-law has brought abalone from Jejudo obviously to soften him up.

Sign In Sign Up. Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. The two leads Sa Ran and Da Mo are sullen and serious and have issues with their parents. I miss this drama seen it at least three times since it ended.

I can’t imagine he liked when the PD ask him to re take the scene Sa Ran is embarrassed that they call each other Charles and Diana and asks her dad to stop. Sa Ran and her friend are shopping for things to take to the ski taless too. It seems that Grandfather has given them money before but there is no gjsaeng to her greed.