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The Rule – General screen displays. We want to go only up to , not If an SFP is physically installed on that port, the SFPs transmitter is disabled; however, this does not hinder the operation of the clone port. Mirror ports can only be connected to a Test port, creating a one-way path with the copied data going from the Mirror port to the Test port. Selecting Match Port s in Either Direction and setting Port s to 23, 50 will cause frames that match either of those values in either direction to be matched. You will see some instructions in the Description box. The total bandwidth of the xSL connections are displayed in the Max Speed column.

The Current Port Path window displays. In the event of a component failure, the appropriate failure indicator will display. September American Business Awards: Configuration and Control Blade Port Menus Right clicking on a defined or connected blade port displays the following menu: Select from the Display Stats From Timeframe drop down menu the time frame from which statistics are calculated in the statistics table up to 30 days for external servers, up to 24 hours for embedded servers. The rule will look like this: The destinations can be ports, multicast destination groups, or even load balancing destination groups.

Defaults to a multicast group where each port receives a copy of each frame. To modify a timed packet set, click on the packet set and click Edit.

You can enable historical statistics from the Port Properties page for an xSL port. Multiple values can be filtered on by setting the mask field, which will filter on the bitwise and the two fields. Solution Use the Statistics tab. Optional headers prior to layer-4 in the frame may push bytes beyond this limit. Connection Groups cannot use the -f ‘filter name’ option. Values entered on the main screen which do not match any known values are ignored by this control.


The nGenius packet flow switch family provides intelligent control and distribution of IP traffic from the network layer to the monitoring layer in a way that removes issues caused by connectivity mismatches.

It is assumed that a mouse and internal speaker are standard equipment.

nGenius Series Packet Flow Switch Administrator Guide |

Under Destination Port Timestamp Settings, the following configuration options are: A second column displays the associated destination ports to which a source port is connected through the xSL using assigned port names. The nGenius series packet flow switch provides: Netsdout Java Memory Allocation screen displays. Optionally, enter a port prefix name to be used to identify the ports.

CLI Topology is defined as the default topology where connections will reside if the user does not specify a different topology with the -t –topology option in the Activate, Deactivate, Connect, and Disconnect commands.

Common Criteria provides assurance that the process of specification, implementation nwtscout evaluation of a computer security product has been conducted in a rigorous and standard manner.

The selected rule is then displayed as a subset of the filter. The user has been created with the default password password. Disconnecting causes traffic to stop flowing and the ports to power down if they should not stay up for any deries reason, such as being in another connection or collecting statistics. Trademark and copyright notices: Historical Stats Chart Controls: Set Syslog Server Settings.

nGenius 3900 Series Packet Flow Switch Administrator Guide

Click OK to make the changes. Statistics can be reset to zero either individually, in groups, or all at once. The following allows revising multiple blade ports on the same blade to the same configuration settings of another port at one time. A confirmation message displays.

Netscout nGenius 3900 Series Packet Flow Switch

If the cable is not installed, you should expect the same two port events as the first xSL port. The mask is 0xFFF8. To turn off the logon message display, unselect Enable, then OK to save the changes. It may also be used to determine the current alarm status of all connected ports. Source ports being load balanced do not have any with respect to their location relative to the destination ports in the load balancing group; they may reside on any P-Blade within the switch containing the destination ports, or on other switches when using Cross-switch Links xSLs to reach nstscout destination ports.


Layer 3 – Network – Internet IP. Can only connect a group to a group, or a port to a port.

External server downgrade to the previous version of nGenius PFS Management requires all connected switches to be downgraded to the previous version prior to the external server downgrade. Follow the multiple port configuration procedure described in Configuring Multiple Ports on a Blade on page It is not necessary to put quotes around each individual sedies.

Members may not be deleted if they are in an active connection. Optionally, the mouse scroll wheel also zooms in and out. At startup the port will be powered on. If attempting to activate a filter that exceeds the maximum number of rules the system supports, the activation a will fail, b will interrupt traffic passing through the associated filter, and in some cases, c may interrupt traffic on other connections that share the same source port s.