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Secret Oaths and Combinations 5: In the meantime you can watch all of Season 1 at http: The Covenant by Timothy Ballard. A fascinating place that dates to book of Mormon times. But the best way to never miss an episode and watch anytime is to subscribe to http: Is there anyway I can have them shipped together instead of having two separate orders?

The Covenant by Timothy Ballard. The Mystic Symbol 1: I purchased the above listed book. What they find is nothing short of amazing, the story appears to be directly from the Book of Mormon. Is there a way I can have them shipped together. Secret Oaths and Combinations 5: Porter which identifies some of the common All of the content is scripturally grounded and faith-promoting.

Nephiite, thanks so much for all the research and evidence that you, Wayne, Rod, Bruce and Tim have shared. But the most amazing part is that the lights appear to be telling a story right from the Book of Mormon. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

In the meantime you can watch all of Season 1 at http: Hewbrewisms in North America by Wayne May. Ryan any chance you can pit this in the iTunes Store? I have only watched a few videos so far but have read everything that is listed on this website. Cumorahland by Wayne May. Faith and Falling Away — Part I.


Secret Oaths and Combinations 1: Hidden In the Heartland Episode 5. I have been searching and reading books on this stuff for a few years now and always wondered if someone in the church would do exactly what your doing!

New videos available added all the time. Secret Oaths and Combinations 4: The Mystic Symbol 3: The Blood Moons Video Debunked. Pilgrims Inherit a Promised Land.

The Oracle and the Seer by Rick Osmon. Statesmen and Symbols Prelude to the Restoration. If so how co I go about obtaining them? Just yesterday I was on YouTube and came upon your videos.

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Search for the Promiseland 1: Many of these tablets show parallels to the account of the Book of Mormon. Tablets that contained writing and pictures of what appeared to be a lost race of people. Help support the Nephite Explorer Project and spread the word!

Yes, it will be available on dvd shortly or online at http: Cave Stables of the Shepherds. Come join us for this special opportunity. I want to order both of these dvd. Can these be authenticated? Available only at http: Thank you so much.


Nephite Explorer, Lands of the Nephites, Part 1

Secret Oaths and Combinations 6: Changing of the Guard Part 2. Any chance of a small discount if buying both seasons at the same time? Yeah Michelle, Sorry about that. The Fall of Zarahemla. A real testimony builder. What Happened to the Golden Exlorer How do I purchase both seasons at the same time?