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Toadie receives a poison pen letter detailing Sonya’s addictions. Retrieved 8 May Archived from the original on 16 April The fertilisation goes ahead, but Steph changes her mind and asks Sonya to take the morning after pill, but Sonya refuses. Two explosions were filmed from different angles, with the scenes then merged during post-production. Ajay tries to get hold of Rani, but she ignores the calls. She cited her favourite ever scene as being one in which Toadie, Joel and Lance had a stand-off over the washing up.

West stated that Dee is “understandably devastated” by the news. After almost giving up on the idea of having a baby, Sonya takes a standard pregnancy test before donating blood, and Rhys tells her she is pregnant. He contemplates hiring a private investigator to look into her disappearance. The actress also struggled to understand the place of darkness that Sonya has been in too. Toadie suggests they try IVF or a sperm donor, but Sonya tells him that she knows that it is not what he wants. I auditioned as a guest, just to come in as a dog trainer on the show for Toadie and Callum. Nell tells Toadie that Mark is in bed with Sonya, resulting in an argument during a video chat.

Neighbours spoilers: Devastating death storyline for Sonya Rebecchi

Toadie moves in with the Kennedys. Steph ends her relationship with Mark, and he tells Sonya that he will raise the baby neighburs himself. The stalker breaks in again and is revealed to be Sonya’s former best friend Erin Rogers. Planning for the explosion scene began six weeks before it was shot, while filming took a total of four hours. Toadie and Sonya give speeches, perform a special wedding dance and cut the cake.

TV Week Soap Extra When Sonya is sent to nsighbours up on the progress of Toadfish Rebecchi ‘s Ryan Moloney guide dog puppy, Rocky, she “soon found love” with the lawyer. Joel pretends to be an Argentine football player, while Toadie pretends to be his lawyer. During her second ultrasound, Sonya and Mark learn the baby is a girl, but when a possible abnormality is detected, they are advised to storuline an amniocentesis, which comes storylinw clear.


She later reveals that she was pregnant at the time of the car accident and introduces Toadie to their daughter Willow Mieke Billing-Smith.

Neighbours spoilers: Toadie Rebecchi makes a new enemy as heartbreak takes over for Sonya

She suffers a fractured skull and a bleed on the brain, which lead to memory loss. Callum also becomes angry with Toadie, but Sonya gets them talking again. Sonya asks Angie to leave when she catches her going neigbbours her bag looking for drugs.

Erin blames Sonya for introducing her to drugs and the subsequent loss of her daughter to the DHS. Time Out ‘ s Phil Harrison reviewed the hour-long episode and gave it three out of five stars.

This comes to a climax when Joel fakes a letter from a noted art gallery, asking to put on an exhibition of Dee’s work. Toadie has to ask Sonya if she ever loved him or was only with him to get Callum.

Moloney told Holy Soap that Sonya is Toadie’s “someone special” and that she is perfect for him. When Steph is told that she has no viable eggs, Sonya offers to donate hers. Retrieved 9 January Daniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy expressed his surprise at Dee’s return, saying “it’s the Neighbours news we never thought we’d hear and we couldn’t be more excited about it”.

Sonya Rebecchi – Wikipedia

Susan is also upset at the decision as money will be taken away from the high school’s remedial program. The characters in the photos are Paul, Priya, Rhys and Callum. After Paul leaves, Sonya tries to calm Toadie down. Sonya and Toadie’s relationship is strong”.

Retrieved 3 March Paul gives him an alibi, but the wrench Chris was attacked with is found in Toadie’s car. Sonya speaks to the police and then goes to the reception.


Toadie falls out with Libby, while Karl and Susan tell Toadie that he is no longer part of the family. As Sonya puts her drink down on his tray, she spots Mason’s belt buckle and remembers it from the robbery earlier. Toadie begins representing The Hamilton Group, who want to build a new shopping complex in Erinsborough.

Of the scene, West commented, “They are so caught up in each other that they don’t even notice that she’s there. Nell tells Toadie that Mark is in bed with Sonya, resulting in an argument during a video chat.

Steph returns, trying to rebuild her life, and she and Toadie make a pact to support each other. The Explosion” one of the serial’s “biggest storylines of the year” and included it in her feature on upcoming dramatic soap storylines. Thirteen years later, Toadie is shown a photo of a woman that looks like Dee.

Paul Robinson rocked by neigubours plot twist? Retrieved 3 May The question is who…? I’ve never seen anything like this on Neighbours. Retrieved 14 August Susan finds her and she is taken to hospital, where she and Toadie reconcile.

Retrieved 4 November Jaci Stephen writing for the Daily Mail has often been critical of Toadie’s eating habits and professionalism. Retrieved 30 March I think when we first met her, she was quite closed off and didn’t want to let anyone in fear of hurting them.