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Sonya Rebecchi to become hate mail target”. Together, they rescue Sonya and she pulls through. This has potentially hinted at a dastardly return for Fake Dee as Toadie endeavours to take her down once and for all. Chris is angry with Sonya, calling her a hypocrite. Sonya turns to gambling, but loses her money. Sonya then realises someone is watching her. He then reveals that he is her father, and that he was arguing with his brother about telling her the truth when the car crashed. She later apologises to Naomi.

And then they sort of liked the chemistry between Ryan and I and three years later we’ve got two kids. There’s this whole other layer. They couple eventually reunite, marry and start a family. Toadie has been with Sonya for some time now, and the tragic and sudden passing of his wife will surely leave him devastated. Toadie’s mother, Angie Lesley Baker , arrives for Nell’s naming day and instantly clashes with Sonya, who feels that Angie is criticising and undermining her parenting skills. Both Sonya and Toadie were shocked, but delighted to learn that they were expecting a baby. Sonya made a temporary departure to visit her son in the United States. While dropping Nell off to Toadie, Sonya sees a letter from a lawyer concerning divorce proceedings.

Sonya dismisses Mark’s suspicions. But then she receives the diagnosis — and no amount of sugar-coating will get away from the fact that this is a very serious situation. She also thought Toadie could help his wife out more often, especially if the person she was helping was his friend too.

Sonya’s contractions begin and she is rushed to the hospital, where she has a miscarriage. She is good-hearted and relished her role as a trainer. If she doesn’t have it there as a reminder and a good motivator to help her stay on track.

Devastating death storyline for Sonya Rebecchi”. Tpadie was introduced as a recurring guest character and dog trainer for established character Toadfish Rebecchi Ryan Moloney. During an open day for the new childcare centre, Toadie falls from an out-of-control bouncy castle and is left paralysed.


Sonya receives a message from Jade, telling her that Zoe’s cancer has returned.

Neighbours spoilers: Devastating death revealed as Sonya dies in shock storyline | Metro News

As her dependency on the drug grows, Sonya’s behaviour alerts suspicion from Toadie and her friends. Now toadi just wants to plant beautiful things and watch them grow.

I auditioned as a guest, just to come in as a dog trainer on the show for Toadie and Callum. Retrieved 10 October But when Sonya thinks that Toadie has feelings for Amy, she agrees to see a relationship counsellor.

Mark suspects that Patricia might be sending the letters, as Toadie is representing Josh Willis Harley Bonnerwho attacked her son. Meanwhile a fan theory has cropped up regarding a supposed affair between Dipi Sharon Johal and Gary Damien Richardson.

Neighbours spoilers: Devastating death storyline for Sonya Rebecchi

Callum is also found to be a match and Zoe and Walter leave to continue her treatment. She is assaulted and her bag is stolen. Tom begins threatening the Rebecchis, taking a photograph of Nell and breaking into the house. However, this causes Mandy and Eric to realise they need to sort out their problems and Eric drops the lawsuit. Sonya lends Erin money to buy a dress, but she suspects Erin is neighbokrs a drug dealer and follows her.

Eve Morey Signs New Deal”.

However, it turns out Steph is the target of a stalker. Neighboues ends her relationship with Mark, and he tells Sonya that he will raise the baby by himself.

Lucas and Vanessa — together at last! Sonya runs against Tim for Mayor and wins.

Sonya’s stalker breaks into her bedroom where Nell is sleeping and hits Mark over the head. He’s angry, but his initial priority is to make Callum number one.

She later apologises to Naomi. When Sonya learns that Belinda is the theatre nurse during Toadie’s spinal surgery, she interrupts the operation, causing a complication that leaves Toadie infertile. Toadie finds Sonya in a caravan with a former drinking friend. They haven’t both independently reached a healthy perspective on it.


When Sonya is sent to check up on the progress of Toadfish Rebecchi ‘s Ryan Moloney guide dog puppy, Rocky, she “soon found love” with the lawyer. Views Read Edit View history. Sonya undergoes surgery for internal stotyline, before she is reunited with her daughter.

Sonya becomes the convenor of the local Gambler’s Anonymous support group and meets Patricia Pappas, her neighbour Chris ‘s James Mason mother. Together, they rescue Sonya and she pulls ad. She later decides that she does toafie another baby and begins IVF, when Sindi Watts arrives with Andrea’s baby, Hugo, and says that Toadie is the father.

Callum returns from San Francisco to support Sonya, after Dipi contacts him. Morey revealed that she would like to see Sonya and Toadie have children together in the future. Sonya’s estranged younger sister Jade Mitchell Gemma Pranita was introduced in latewhich led to the revelation that Sonya is Callum Jones ‘s Morgan Baker biological mother. On her return, she learns Naomi kissed Toadie and Sonya slaps her during a confrontation. There’s this whole other layer. When she was asked how Callum does not remember Storhline, Morey explained that Sonya had fallen in with a bad crowd, was an alcohol and drugs addict and was suffering from post-natal depression.

Retrieved from ” https: Sonya is portrayed as being good-hearted, funny and loving. Troy reacts badly and he punches Toadie, shouts at Callum and tries to force Sonya into having an emotional breakdown.

In an interview with a What’s on TV journalist, Morey said viewers relate to Sonya because she is “pretty normal”. Holy Soap said Sonya’s most memorable moment was when she attended Toadie’s sham wedding to Steph and agreed to wait for him.