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Number 26 Naomi still isn’t warming to Sheilas date but it could be more the topic of conversation re – enactment of 50s movies. Noticing Chris staring, he asks if he wants to go to the movies this evening. Susan tries to finish the session, but Nate says it’s fine. Chris sits down next to Nate and rests a hand on his knee. Well get past this, Brad adds but Terese wants them to call a halt to their night, so Brad volunteers to pay the bill and hell meet the rest at the car. Distraught, Imogen admits to Naomi that while she’s been hating Amber for cheating on Josh, in fact she’s now realised she is just as bad.

He is puzzled about this and heads over to where Terese and Susan are sitting and tells her to deal with it. Why don’t you ask one of your gambling mates, or your psycho friend over there? Imogen says she’s done some research and found that some soldiers have posted racist remarks on Facebook. Toadfish Rebecchi Eve Morey Chris invites Nate to stay over, gratefully accepted after a promise not to freak out if Nate gets Afghanistan nightmares again. Georgia Brooks Scott McGregor Matt notices the tension, and asks Bailey what’s up, but he denies there’s anything and says he’s visiting Lou. Number 26 Naomi is dolling her mum up and taking the opportunity to quiz her at the same time about Alan but isn’t too pleased at the small amount of info that her mum knows about him that hes retired and doesn’t know his marital status.

Harold’s Store Naomi gives Imogen the neighbohrs down on her options coming clean to Amber doesn’t want to go there! You think you’ve got all these friends and everything’s wonderful and then its too late.

I never thought Id find anyone like that, Amber then adds causing Imogen to feel like crap even further. Terese tells her about what happened at Harold’s when Brad appeared and Susan asks where her insecurity is coming from since she trusts Brad. He says it’s not about the dress, it’s about her hooking up with randoms.


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I believe you to Brad but you Lauren I’m not so sure about! Joshs next plan of action is diversion tactics but a text from his mum summoning him to a family meal at The Waterhole throws that plan in doubt.

No – one’s going to wrestle them from you. Edit Storyline After Dpisode school talk, Susan fears that he needs post-traumatic stress syndrome therapy, but Karl confirms he can’t be forced, insisting would only push him away.

Chris invites Nate to stay over, gratefully accepted after a promise not to freak out if Nate gets Afghanistan nightmares again.

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I would like your support but if I don’t get it, it won’t kill me. I’m trying to find out the best way to be here for you. He tells her to be patient, because Mark has obviously got issues to work through. Decided to take matters into his own hands.

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He tries to tell her that nobody is looking at them, but someone is Imogen with jealous eyes as they pash and so much so, she abandons the bombing and walks off. He says he’ll think about it, and Chris encourages him to tell his story, so that the students will hear about what went on over there. He replies that she was the star, not him.

Lou asks if Mark episoce called and she says she doesn’t expect him to. Alright, there’s obviously a lot going on but you need to stop looking for answers and concentrate on what you do know, which is that you have a beautiful family who love you and need you.

Well I reckon you do. Paige says she has to go. That was just a young girls drawing.


Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Hospital Bailey and Paige are with Lou, who asks about Alice. Chris Pappas Chris Milligan Later on, the trio are still knitting, and discussing their next potential target for yarn – bombing.

Neghbours, I’m anti – war. Paige wanders up and says “hey” and he ignores her. When he pushes her on why the repairs werent done pre – tornado, she admits that its hard to push Terese for an answer just now. Lauren loves Matt, they’ve built a life together. The Waterhole I hate the women I’ve become, Terese admits after unloaded onto Susan what she saw this morning and is told to stop letting her imagination get away with episoxe Amber interrupts and asks him about the strangest thing which happened and he talks about the time he had to calm a horse with a device in its saddlebag.

Yes, but it started the same? Dingos gym Naomi is telling Josh about the kiss as he cleans the gym up and he tells her to stop freaking out, it was probably just an accident. I was not looking at him!

As I neeighbours, with Sarah and Izzy it certainly wasnt all one – sided. Unmissable Drama – Terese is frustrated to see Brad and Lauren in the street together – Susan advises Terese to stop letting her imagination run away with her – Amber brags about how perfect things are with Daniel, but Imogen enjoys being alone with him – Still jealous of Amber, Imogen worries that their friendship will be dead if Amber learns the truth.