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Brad appreciates her telling him, and says that they should make a start on the search. No 26 – Lounge: Kyle gets his thousandth text of the day from Aaron, the customer who was flirting with him earlier, much to Georgia’s amusement. Lauren asks if, now that it’s all out in the open, whether they want to start thinking about searching for their daughter, and she explains that her mum’s offered to put adds in some of the regional Queensland newspaper. He says that he’s seen several red flags in her behaviour and wishes her a pleasant trip back to Frankston. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: It’s just asking for trouble. Brad Willis Taylor Glockner

I’d rather eat glass than share a meal with you! As Kyle greets Aaron, Georgia reaches up and kisses him on the lips, to make it appear as if they’re a couple. Paul apologises, this isn’t his usual job. Lauren knows this, but is desperate to find her daughter, and gets upset at the thought that she’s missed her entire life. I know I haven’t been the perfect father, and I’m sorry I let you down. I wouldn’t have picked you to be so conservative! This place is nice. She has it all planned out, she’ll cook him his favourite food for dinner, serve him his favourite wine, and when Paul’s in a really good mood, then she’ll bring Mark in.

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It’s understandable that she’d feel threatened by having someone else in her life. Lauren is closing up the store, just as Brad walks in. She orders their lunch to go. Kate sees Paul walking towards Charlie’s and she starts trying to hide.

Didn’t you grow up at Number 26 Ramsay Street? So you have a very safe trip back to Frankston, won’t you? Charlie’s Paul arrives at the bar. Sheila grabs her bag and tells Paul she’s leaving early.


Of course it is. Brad says they should tell Kathy to go ahead and run the ads, saying Terese isn’t over the moon but respects his decision to look for their daughter. Josh thought he was losing her, but she says that will never happen. Number 22 Back Yard Imogen is doing yoga on the grass when Brad comes up to talk to her.

When Rebecca was here he wouldn’t have noticed if Sheila’s hair was on fire. Previously on Neighbours – Lauren wonders if they should find their daughter, but Brad says his family has to come first. Mark thinks she should tell him and get it over with. It isn’t good news as he left her heartbroken more than once. The Aussie hardwood’s fine. Brad isn’t impressed, but Lauren says that she’s just hoping that the ads will help, though she’s very aware that her mum deprived them of knowing their daughter for the last 20 years.

And unless you want to lose me for another five years you need to back off. They jump up as they weren’t expecting him back for another 10 nieghbours.

Sheila thought that Paul was having dinner with Kate, but he changes the subject to the plumber. Season 1 Episode Brad Willis Taylor Glockner He says neighboufs kids seem to be coping with the news, but admits that Terese is still adjusting.

Kathy stole your baby and gave it to someone else.

Harold’s Store Lauren is just closing up when Brad comes in. Kyle is eager to handle handsome client Aaron Fleming’s hardwood terrace order, neighbiurs soon finds him bothersome and, as Georgia spotted immediately, seeking excuses for gay flirting, which she hopes to deter by posing as Kyle’s straight lover.

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Sheila then hands over a neighboues SIM card and phone plan to Naomi, and says that it’s funny how her daughter doesn’t mind her ‘taking over’ when she needs a favour like that.


You’re judging me because of where I grew up?

Mark says that once Paul sees how happy she is he’ll come around. Are you really gonna stick around?

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Matt Turner Kip Neighbors Lou points out they don’t even know the names of the adoptive parents, and Lauren adds that there’s no official record of the birth either. She says that she knows it’s a long shot, as they have no record of the birth or the adoption, but then Lou suggests that they could neighbougs the police. Imogen asks if they know where this other daughter is. Dial – A – Kyle Kyle is talking customer Aaron through neigjbours timber options for his back yard, trying to upsell him to the teak.

You do not want to push my buttons right now, trust me. Paul is certain it will happen again, he’s already turned Kate against him. Hudson Walsh credit only Calen MacKenzie He was totally checking you out.

Matt asks Lauren if that’s a path she really wants to go down. With Aaron watching, Georgia then kisses Kyle and walks off. Sheila agrees to help out, and Naomi thanks her and leaves. Charlie’s Lauren is anxious as Brad and Terese still haven’t replied. She carries on, ignoring him at first. Matt isn’t comfortable with the idea of reporting Kathy, but tells Lauren it’s a decision she needs to make with Brad.