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Written by KGF Vissers. Edit Storyline Josh is finally released from hospital and eagerly starts revalidation, despite the grim warning from Karl and the press that he may well never be able to rejoin top competition. This is about you getting your revenge and making Mason’s life as miserable as possible. Lassiter’s Paul expresses surprise that Terese is in work, given what’s been going on with Josh. Toadie and Karl are friends again, and Sonya is grateful when she realises the identity of the donor who made a very generous contribution to the fundraiser for her treatment. They share a last goodnight kiss before he leaves. Worse is to follow when Bea learns that the garage is being sold, leaving her effectively jobless.

Terese, how do you expect me to leave when I still have a lawsuit hanging over my head? Brad storms off to pick up Josh from the hospital. Back to the Bay is an unofficial fan site and is not associated with Seven Network or Channel 5. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. But all I want to do is kiss you. Erinsborough Hospital Karl looks professionally concerned as Brad seems to be talking unrealistically about the prospects of Josh’s return to swimming. I can make that go away.

But Terese seems to be offended by the very sight of him, and tells him to go and have an early lunch. Some familiar faces turn up at the book club, as stars of Prisoner Cell Block H make epislde cameo neighboure.

Brad tells him he didn’t want it interfering with his recovery. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Search for ” Episode 1. But all I want to do is kiss you.

Having you around is a constant reminder. Dingoes’ Gym Josh is training in the gym but his shoulder’s sore, so Brad tells him to stop for the day. Terese asks Piper to keep an eye on Leo, with unexpected results. Season 1 Episode But I think you’ll be more proud of me when you see me win gold.


Elly is distraught to receive a note from Mark, stating that he needs some time away, and has left town for a few days. Bailey tells them the ceremony’s about to start. But Terese denies it, saying she’s finding it impossible to work with Mason without resenting him. It’s the tall poppy syndrome. Community Centre Mayor Paul is presenting the youth photography awards ceremony, as the Turners and Josh watch in the audience. Mason says epidode doesn’t want to leave, but that it could solve all his problems.

Terese promises Mason air fares and relocation costs, just like Rhiannon, but Mason immediately guesses that she’s trying to get rid of him. Erinsborough Hospital Karl looks professionally concerned as Brad neeighbours to be talking unrealistically about the prospects of Josh’s return to swimming. She explains she’s impressed with his commitment to his job, and that she’s recommended him for a promotion.

Amy tells Gary that she wants to get back together with him, but he needs to tell his overbearing mother to back off. Once she’s gone again, Imogen nelghbours Mason to stop being so obvious.

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Every time she sees how fit and healthy he is, she thinks about how Josh has been crippled by the accident. Imogen bids goodbye to Lauren who is clearing tables, and shortly afterwards, Terese turns up.

Former stars from Aussie drama Prisoner return to the same studio the iconic drama was filmed in, now the home of Neighbours. You’ll be a hero.

Audible Download Audio Books. However, the job she has in mind is at Lassiter’s Darwin; hence the call to Brad’s sister Gaby, who manages that branch.

Karl Kennedy Tom Oliver Lou Carpenter credit only Stefan Dennis Mason leaves and Lauren comes in, having heard his voice; Bailey explains Mason’s taken the afternoon off, which immediately makes her suspicious. Toadie and Sonya decide to take the kids off for a seaside break, accompanied by Jade and Callum.

The readers love seeing people cut down to size. They arrive at the beach house to discover that Callum has taken Nell and Hugo down to the water.


She eventually admits to Toadie that the cancer has spread to her brain, and that she only has days left to live. She tells Mason it’s a one – time – only offer, and that he can take the afternoon off to consider it. Brad insists that suing Mason is episove right thing neivhbours do, however.

Sonya puts on a brave face as she and Toadie set off, but it soon becomes clear that she is hiding something. Thanks for your advice, Paul! Tomorrow on Neighbours – Amber’s still upset, but Josh tells her he left the ceremony because he was in pain – Chris accuses of Josh of not being happy about Amber’s career because his is in doubt – As Josh suffers more pain, Karl tells him he’s very unlikely to return to competitive swimming – Kyle still wants to support Georgia and the baby, but she’s neigjbours when he admits business is slow.

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Amber turns to congratulate her fellow nominees, but when she looks back at the audience, he’s gone. Matt tells her they need to be prepared for a fight. What if Josh’s career is over; what’s he gonna do? None of this would be possible without him; he has always followed his dreams and he has given me the courage to follow mine. But she’s made it sound like there’s no hope.

But Josh insists he’s not going to let it make him doubt himself now, and Terese tells him how proud she is. The final is tomorrow, and a delighted Amber rushes off to find something to wear.