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Ralphie tells Chris it’s not good enough. She looks glum, but the family reassure her that Patches’ new family will look after him. They realise Patrick’s six weeks old today and, via the photo, wish him happy birthday. Come on, Pappas, you’re not that stupid. He tells her not to be ridiculous, but she says she was joking. He shows her that he’s won first place in the Erinsborough News photograph competition, with his picture of Patrick.

Outside Harold’s Sarah is having a drink when Paul strolls up and asks her why she’s not at the paper: Sheila says it’s none of their business, and hustles him out when he says he was going to lunch with Georgia. Susan groans, saying she doesn’t want to talk. Despite Chris’s good intentions, Lucas is furious, and gives him a proper shouting at. Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. Fitzgerald Motors Matt has turned up in his police car, to assess the stolen car that Lucas has reported to him.

Leslie Baker Sarah Beaumont: Erinsborough Hospital flat Lucas walks in to find Vanessa in the middle of getting dressed, but she tells him it’s okay to come in. She thanks Lou for the lovely idea, but says she has so much on that she wouldn’t have enough time to groom and exercise the horse. Georgia tells him she’s happy it’s working neigbbours for him.

Vanessa explains Patrick will be at the hospital for at least another three months, so it makes sense for she and Lucas to stay there. But when he finds out Ralphie is asking Chris to strip down cars for him, Lucas is livid, and tells Chris to leave.

Karl remembers the kiss from the previous night. Caspar Bolton Leunig Music: She tells Kate that her parents can’t know she’s been seeing someone.

Matt explains he’s come off the phone to Mason’s detention centre, nrighbours told him their son was released early for good behaviour, four days ago.


Patrick is stable at the moment. Lauren and Bailey are impressed too, but Matt doesn’t look so happy. Karl doesn’t want to talk either: He apologises – for everything, and she says it doesn’t matter. Lou starts to feel stupid for not checking with them before 6854 the horse, and slinks off, embarrassed. Sophie admits she’s working on a new song, and Tash thinks she should recruit Chris to help her.

Neighbours 7938 26th September 2018 Episode

Erinsborough Hospital flat Lucas comes in, and Vanessa mentions she saw Lauren looking for places to live today, and that she thinks they’re struggling for money. She introduces episoxe to Angie, who is very offhand.

Chris’s dodgy car bodywork contractor demands Outside Harold’s Sarah is having a drink when Paul strolls up and asks her why she’s not at the paper: Paul generously offers neoghbours to press charges if she replaces the money, but she says she’ll press charges for defamation. No 32 Amber comes in neighbour heads straight for the long – lost kitchen complete with a new sofa area of uncertain provenance!

Lucas offers the Turners a very reasonable rent, pointing out that it will cover his mortgage payments and also mean the Turners will be covering the running costs. He tells her not to be ridiculous, but she says she was joking. Bailey comes in, and Kate leaves them to it.

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Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? He asks if either Lucas or Chris saw who dropped it off, and they both say they didn’t, Chris not mentioning the text from Ralphie.

She tells him to sit on the sun lounger and starts with his shoulders, when Angie comes out and sees them. Bailey tells Amber their parents can’t afford the stable fee because of their financial situation.


Harold’s Lauren is searching for houses for the Turner family in the newspaper but is not having much success. With the matter of what he needs help with neither elaborated upon nor enquired about, Tash goes her merry way, Sophie having promised to keep an eye out for Chris.

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Mason Turner Taylor Glockner has been added to the main cast in the closing credits. Tash insists on doing it – it’s procedure – but Andrew comes over and tells her to leave it. Sophie comes in to collect takeaway and joins Chris while she waits.

He tells him epizode can’t sack him until he’s put right the original stuff – up, and after that, Lucas can let him go. Paul wants a word with him about the final edition. Long distance relationships don’t work. No 32 Lou has found a riding centre for Patches that’s just half an hour away, so Amber can go there any time she wants.

Neighbours 26th September Episode

Either there was a girl, or you’ve taken up drag. Edit Storyline Kyle resumes handiwork near Georgia, who equally enjoys it when he asks her for suncream, until ogre aunt Angie deliberately takes her place.

Sophie explains Tash told her eepisode his freak – out whilst driving, and reminds him that she’s been through the same thing. Paul points out that she must have realised she would meet Karl and Susan.