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Paul looks more bemused than anything, like she’s just an annoying little fly buzzing in his ear. Toadie and Libby carry in two big parcels that have been posted by Flick and Michelle. Shortland Street Episode 26th February Libby puts on a pitiful show to outbid Steph’s sisters as the unborn baby’s would-be godmother and ends up getting her way, only adding to the weirdness given Steph wants to tell Dan he’s the father. Harold’s Store Sophie joins Kate and Donna for cake. Number 22 Declan and Indy come downstairs wondering what all the noise is about as he was trying to get her to sleep. Off Rebecca’s look of disbelief I know, I know, I hate myself for it. Andrew finds them and asks Summer for a favour.

Rebecca Robinson Erin Mullally Donna says Paul needs to re- think his parenting approach. Please just come home and do the right thing. Summer wants to talk about what happened at home, but Andrew isn’t up for it and says he just wants to sleep. She tells them about finishing her 43rd book for the readathon and announces that she’s decided to be a writer, adding that with Kate being a dancer they’ll be the most creative house on the street! Libby drops more hints about being godmother but all Toadie and Steph can do is thank her profusely. Lyn jokes with Libby that the girls must be angling to be godmother, which piques Lib’s interest. Number 26 – Summer’s Bedroom Summer lies to Rebecca on the phone, telling her that she hasn’t seen Andrew, when in actual fact he’s hiding out in her room.

But Andrew can tell by Paul’s silence that he doesn’t think the same and walks off. Harold’s Store Ringo somehow knows about Donna re- applying for a birth certificate but she doesn’t tell him why, instead offering to pay for his water so he can head out for a run.

Cheyne Van Krieken Music: After some deliberation Lyn says Andrew can stay in the spare room. We have all made mistakes, Paul.


Shortland Street 5967 Episode 18th April 2016

She departs to talk weddings and Lucas promises to keep an eye on them. Andrew gives Summer a thankful hug. Because you’re my son and I do love you. Andrew asks if they’d like something to eat he’s doing food in the kitchen and Ringo initially says no but then when he’s standing behind Andrew announces that he’s got something for him and punches him! It was created by TV executive Reg Watson, who proposed the idea of making a show that focused on realistic stories and portrayed adults and teenagers who talk openly and solve their problems together.

Neighbours 7346 Full Episode 18th April 2016

And if the campaign isn’t up and running by tomorrow, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Lyn sees them and lets them know Andrew’s staying with her for a while. She needs the exposure for her career. Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes.

Paul says what Andrew needs is to stop acting out – he’s not going to go running every time his son throws a tantrum. Doing a crap job of hiding how hurt she is, Libby packs up her stuff and runs out of the house. Paul however comes to his senses and successfully asks his firstborn back home. I want to be your son’s godmother and here are the reasons why! The only reason you got that school lunch contract is because you bribed me.

As much as he’s hurting right now it’s absolutely nothing compared to what he did to me. Search for ” Episode 1. Kate admits she doesn’t want to tell Sophie as she feels it’s a connection to their mum although Donna points out that their mum would want her to do what makes her happy! Lyn arrives to give Summer her lunch she forgot, so Sum takes her Nan aside for a chat.

Shortland Street Episode 18th April

She wants him to find Donna and apologise and then go and find Andrew to sort everything out. Ramsay Street Lucas catches up with Andrew and wants to know what is going on and why the sudden jealousy.


She then has to restrain Ringo when Andrew comes downstairs to exit the house and Lucas decides to go after him. Previously on Neighbours Kate having to decide between teaching and dancing.

Neighbours Full Episode 18th April

She’s confused to see he’s not wearing his school uniform, but Andrew says he’s going to have to look for a job. They hug each other and Sophie drags them all over to tell Callum the good news he and Toadie are still kicking the footy around. Neighbours 26th February Episode. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Chris Pappas – James Mason Music: What’s on Norman’s Watchlist?

Charlie’s Bar Toadie’s trying to distract Steph by chatting about Rocky’s final guide dog training assessment next week, but she’s too wound up about Libby. Number 22 Donna strides past Rebecca and tells Paul that he needs to talk to his son.

Andrew feels a bit guilted into it when he hears it was Diana’s idea to pull the promotion and tells Paul he’ll handle it, but his face drops when Paul walks away. Lucas concedes he isn’t Mr Perfect but tells Andrew that just now, he’s beyond help.

He doesn’t need tough love he needs real love. I think it’s past your bedtime grandpa. Number 22 Ringo doesn’t believe Donna’s friends theory but agrees to go with it for her sake. Summer thinks he should just neignbours Paul, but Andrew checks his phone and sees missed calls from everyone but his father.

I’ve had more big nights than you’ve had hot dinners. Rebecca phones Paul to let him know what’s going on.