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Street Declan runs his heart out in the rain, running fast before taking a breather by a tree. I’ll bet that horse’s family thinks you’re a hero. Ringo Brown Jackie Woodburne Hospital Declan tries to compose himself as Susan and Paul returning with coffees check up on him. She asks if she’s ok but Indy’s still crying. Her liver and kidneys sustained some damage and there was extensive external bleeding. If they take Indy away they’ll destroy him.

Didge stares at the clock. Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. Meanwhile, Bridget talks to Declan about India’s welfare, brought on by the dream, and pleads with Declan that if something happened to her, that India will be cared for. Sophie suggests they do something nice for the Parkers and when Charlie says he’s hungry, she suggests they could cook dinner. Miranda Parker Eloise Mignon Donna jumps up, full of beans, and announces that if she doesn’t get to see Didge soon she’s going to explode. She tells them it’s alright to be sad and the kids asks to bake a cake for the Parkers.

Rebecca says there’s someone else missing her and tells Declan to hold her. Callum Jones Steve Bastoni Season 1 Episode Declan begins to cry. Miranda and Steve break down in tears. Karl immediately thinks it’s hideous, complaining about the sugar. Steve says neighbiurs he was so scared he was going to lose Didge.

Neighbours: The Perfect Blend | Magic Moments: Bridget’s Death

Ringo wonders if they should just leave, but Donna says Didge eplsode her best friend: Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Steve Parker Nikki Coghill Declan can’t cope with the utterly uncertain wait, rages at everyone and wanders off, until Zeke brings him back. Declan comes out in his running clothes.

But she’ll be alright? He apologises to Donna and Ringo for being an idiot and says they’re episoode. Donna and Ringo are completely chuffed. Steve you can’t blame yourself. Out in the corridor, Sunny praises Zeke efforts at bringing Declan back, and Donna, in a sudden outburst, leaps from her chair, demanding to see Bridget! Remembering the clock in her dream, Bridget asks Declan what the time is – just gone He also lets Zeke know it was right to stay with Bridget.


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They begin to cry, finding it hard to go back inside. Miranda asks Bridget if she’d like to see her friends, and as she opens the door, Donna, busy eavesdropping almost epiaode through, clearly not minding her own business!

The problem was the extended period between the accident and Bridget receiving treatment. I’m never going to be able to put my arms around her and feel her.

Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. Recap – Didge and India lost in the bush overnight – Steve and the rescue team finding them the next morning – Declan watching Didge being wheeled into hospital – Dr Newton asking for Declan’s consent to operate – Declan telling Dr Newton to save his wife.

Charlie asked that very loud and Steph goes to sort it out. Like hell you will. In the nursery, Rebecca tells Declan epsiode listen to her.

Meanwhile, Bridget talks to Declan about India’s welfare, brought on by the dream, neighbbours pleads with Declan that if something happened to her, that India will be cared for. Mum might be dumb enough to take you back but I won’t be sucked in again. No, it was a heart attack.

She’s out of theatre, she’s being stabilised now Feeling lost and confused, Declan suddenly says he nekghbours to go home and tidy up for Didge.

Declan smiles and strokes her cheek. Ringo Brown Jackie Woodburne We’re asking you to help our friend Bridget. Miranda Parker Eloise Mignon You need to be there holding her hand when she wakes up. Shortly after, Dr Newton comes out to reveal the heartbreaking news that Bridget has passed away, from a blood clot caused by her prolonged injuries. Karl approaches the Parkers and tells them it was a blood clot which was a eisode of the accident and there was nothing anyone could do.


India starts crying harder and Miranda holds her.

Neighblurs Miranda and Steve have joined Declan sitting on the seats as he sits on the floor. She has Didge’s eyes. Didge stares at the clock. She asks Donna and Ringo to be India’s Godparents.

Steve’s face falls and his lip trembles – he doesn’t feel like a hero. Bridget dreams about her and Declan having a tea party for India in some gardens.

In the waiting room, Declan sits on the floor pushing India’s pram back and forth, in shock. Susan Kennedy Blake O’Leary Steph tells the others and they agree it’s a good idea to keep their minds off it. Ringo says if enighbours anything they can do then to let them know, but Declan is rattled by the defeated looks on all their faces.

He tells them that the results of some tests are still being eposode on.

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Something clicks in Declan’s brain and he lets out a shaky breath he’d been holding. Miranda tells him that Bridget wanted to donate her organs and Declan finally signs the papers.

You can carry the guilt.