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Season 1 Episode It’s a key-ring, mum. Ringo and Sunny don’t know why Donna has forgiven Zeke. Everyone congratulates Didge, Didge says that she and Dec were waiting until he was out of hospital before they were making it official. Number 26 Miranda is reminiscing about the time they missed their flight from Hong Kong but Steve seems lost in thought. Well all the same, don’t put that ring back on until you’re sure.

Steph leaves to go inside the house. Miranda enters with the costumes and notices that Didge has taken her ring off. Daniel ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald Matthew Werkmeister She chucks Dan his car keys and mentions that it’s funny what you find in people’s glove boxes. Zeke is trying to get through to Donna on the phone and Karl is following him around asking if Zeke was ever planning to tell them about his secret job as Lost Boy. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: It’s a symbol of how you feel.

Some early summaries describe Sunny as ‘Maddie’. Add the first question.

Donna enters the house closely followed by Zeke. Toadie pops in to see how Dan likes the new changes. Beighbours Caskey didn’t appear in the episode.

Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Aaron Jakubenko Stu Jackman: The camera, of course, pans to Bridget who leaves the classroom followed by Miranda.


Neighbours Episode Guide: 5655-5679

Jerome would figure out that Stella was only marrying him out of pity. Who will mow the lawns topless now that you have gone? Edit Eplsode Episode credited cast: Sunny and Zeke find themselves in a compromising position.

Donna immediately volunteers and points to another female student saying she can take her part.

Anguished Not in public! Dan announces that he’s looking for someone else now to fill the role of Stella. Lucas suggests he maybe put it in another of his bags, but Ty knows he put it in his fetching yellow handbag, TY: Which is a shame, because she’s not.

Episode #1.5679

She thought it seemed like it was time. Enjoy your ice cream.

Dan thinks that just going neighnours with the wedding is a bit too safe, the previous ending was far stronger. But I’m just so excited, aren’t you busting to talk about it?

You couldn’t think of anything more original?

Neighbours: The Perfect Blend | Magic Moments: Ty’s Departure

Callum thinks they need to come up with a plan. Miranda wants to find out why Didge is not herself. Nick Farnell Tim Collins: Zeke’s phone rings but Karl cancels the call annoyed that it’s been ringing non-stop.


Why haven’t you taken yours off then? There’s a lot of breast-beating about the weather going on between Sunny and Ringo. They look like they’re rather enjoying it.

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You’re going to be my first friend to get married! That makes Donna laugh and she asks him if it helped him get over the recent tragedies in his life, Zeke admits it did. Lucas says he was just Donna says could he not have thought of anything more original than Lost Boy, at which stage Zeke admits he thought Lost Boy was a rather good name. Steve is worried that Didge is having second thoughts but he thinks that Didge and Dec could make a go of things.

Tottie Goldsmith Kyle Canning: Toadie apologises for all the fuss.