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Warehouse The party has notched up another gear with lots more jumping, but it doesn’t appear to be doing much good for the building itself as another bolt falls off. Rachel however cares only for Angus, even found-out. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. As a beam of the warehouse starts to rattle, Riley has found Didge and is persuading her to go home. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Darren and Libby decide to move back to Shepparton together. Outside, Kirsten arrives and peers through the window just as Janae takes things a step too far and kisses Darren. Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes.

Susan and Karl reel in the aftermath of Rachel’s shock confession. Hanging up, Didge finds her. He attempts to tell her that he likes her more than a friend, but she isn’t able to hear above the noise that is music. Darren feels he would do anything to make it up to Libby, but it’ll never be enough. Meanwhile, Janae is heartbroken that her relationship woes are affecting Mickey. She is pleased to see him too, but recons they should head inside. Ned suggests that maybe it should be just his name on the mortgage papers, causing Janae to twig that it is her and not the concept of marriage that is what Steve and Miranda are against. Janae eventually forces him to talk.

No, this is the truth. Karl Kennedy credit only Eplsode Werkmeister Eight point six to be exact. Garage Janae enters the locked up garage and puts the keys down on the bench. She can’t deny that she doesn’t like the concept, but claims that the song wins over.

Ringo tries to press Jessica for the secret she said she was going to announce, but she tells them they’ll have to wait a bit more. Bernadette Schwerdt Brad Jordan: Smiling he tells her he’s glad she’s arrived.


Episode 5364

Paul calls on his old inner steel to save Elle, surprising even himself. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Marco is leaving – will Carmella let him go?

Warehouse The party has notched up another gear with lots more jumping, but it doesn’t appear to be doing much good for the building itself as another bolt falls off. Meanwhile, Carmella struggles with the reality of motherhood. Ringo struggles to give comfort to Jessica’s mum.

Stopping outside of Grease Monkeys, she wipes the tears from her eyes and turns back the way she came from. Darren and Janae find themselves in similar situations in the garage. Janae makes a shock decision – is she leaving Ramsay Street?

Angus’ Apartment Before he has a chance to ask why she is back, Rachel kisses Angus. Blair Venn Sarah Dawson: Ned tells Janae the other parkers won’t have her as unmarried house deal partner, she takes that as betrayal and has a wining session with fellow scorned-step-parent Darren, seen comfort-hugging by Kirsten.

Elle has meanwhile caught up with Declan who points out that he is busted. Riley points out that she’s not fitting in all that well, especially with her coat on. Declan doesn’t have a chance to finish his sentence as Jess herself arrives and asks Ringo if he wants to dance.

Melanie Lockman Neghbours Stephens: Sarah May in permanent cast. Emily Recap Rachel warns Angus that Jessica has seen them together. Ned is more concerned with finding Janae, however, but Kirsten hasn’t seen her. Janae struggles with the guilt of her impulsive kiss. Warehouse Some fluffy boots are busy walking down the stairs, as Rachel is on the phone trying to get through to Angus, for the zillionth time that evening.

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Jessica points out that she’s already had her turn and to stop arranging other people’s lives. Liam Hemsworth Grant Episose Danielle Horvat Nurse Stasey Cotton: As Karl tries to reunite Oliver and Richard, Paul discovers the truth.


Zeke manages to convince episodr the parents of Ramsay Street that they won’t be going to the dance party.

Meanwhile, Riley’s hurt feelings embarrass Elle at work. Realising neigbbours he doesn’t know where she is, Kirsten figures that they’ve had an argument, but Ned meanwhile has already left. Riley loses Bridget in the crowd as the roof collapses. She points out that it’s only 11pm, and he admits that he did arrive nerdishly early. He offers to leave her in peace, but Janae comments that it’s fine for nfighbours to stay. Whoops, big mistake there Neddy boy. Nikola Dubois Taylah Jordan: Jonathan Wood Cathy Martin: Todd Macdonald Taylah Jordan: She’d rather stay at the garage though than go home to Ned, Steve and Miranda who treat her like a child.

Rachel is left dumbfounded.

Neighbours Episode 5364

Todd Macdonald Kirsten Gannon: Jonathan Wood Nurse Stasey Cotton: Meanwhile, Richard forbids Karl to tell his sons he’s dying and Marco decides to leave town. Ned tries to get out of it, but Janae points out that his lame excuse about marriage was flawed and that she can’t understand how he’s trying to get her out of her own home. I was just a girl, and you were just some guy. Darren says goodbye while Janae’s attempts at reconciliation are thwarted.

Jess knows about them.

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Danielle Horvat Josh Taylor: Written by KGF Vissers. She points out that they have a problem. Daniel’s investigation causes Bridget to lie to save Rachel and Angus while Marco’s neighblurs to Carmella gives her pause for thought.

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