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Maybe your next read may be Hillary Clinton’s next book? Vampires – Vampirii Vilified by both Islamists and their leftist backers, who hypocritically claim to be pro-feminism and human rights but attack those who highlight abuses in Islam. Her mother must have suffered from that too. I should not therefore find the strong opinion espoused in the Preface too surprising and yet superficial. Inspirat din realitate, filmul spune povestea lui Eddie Dobson, un playboy de la Hollywood care a jefuit 64 de banci intre iulie si februarie , recordul fiind de sase banci intr-o singura zi.

While her examples are confined merely to her experiences in the Netherlands she was an immigrant and then worked as a translator for other immigrants , the examples could be for any country. Heard about it on NPR. View all 9 comments. She cites the Koran verses used to justify child abuse. Chiar daca nu recunostea, Steven stia si urmarea relatia pasionala pe care o avea frumoasa sa sotie si nu a trecut mult si a pus la cale un plan de razbunare. Both her parents, her grandmother, her brother and the educational system use violence and draconian punishment to impose submission.

I’ve been one of those western liberals, thinking that Islam is mostly about peace and that the violence of it stems only from the fanatics. Does that make me a Catholicaphobe?

It exposed the rigidness of fundamentalist Islam. People are organized in clans, and diversions and differences between them are the defining principles of identity.

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Of course I know they are Muslim because they are wearing the hajib. As a liberal muslim woman, I can draw the line between religion and culture, and found the author’s problematising of my religion highly inaccurate. She appears to be putting the blame on the religion for the failure of some Muslim people and nations Going through the leaves of the Preface, I feel disturbed by Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s declaration of what she had learned of being a Muslim. Infidel is a riveting narrative, free of histrionics and hysteria, full of wit and wisdom.


Un sot puternic si putred de bogat. But her father was not a lot better.

Assassination Games film online subtitrat in roameste. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. We Muslims could shed our attachment to those dogmas that clearly lead to ignorance and oppression…. The international left today are helping the Islamists to plunge the world into darkness and need to be stopped.

I have friends who are Muslims so either they were not brought up in a religious way likely or they have come to their own conclusions and they are mostly from Lebanon and which Necredicnioasa think is more sophisticated.

The author talks of her childhood and youth in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Kenya,and of the narrow minded bigotry of the Muslim world today.

Each time, he has spoken to me about the importance of his daughter’s education.

Infidel told the author’s life story and through her journey we learn much about Islam vilm the mistreatment of women in Muslim society. In zori se pomeneste deja implicat intr-un necrerincioasa brutal dintr-o tara ciudata si necunoscuta. The rosy spectacle religion-of-peace-and-love stuff is all well and good but frequently not a reflection of real-existing Islam as seen on the ground.

Sphere – Sfera It lays bare the terror inflicted on women in the name of Islam not the only religion to have enslaved women turning them into chattel and questions the whole basis on which this particular god based onlne was created and has since been maintained.

I was hoping for an informed and intelligent treatment of the problem of the status of women in Islam, which would be evidence based and factual, but this is onliine like what I wanted. My Favorite Wife Looked forward to reading it.


Hirsi Ali relates her experiences as a Muslim woman so that oppressed Muslim women can take heart and ohline their own liberation. Tesis sobre un homicidio – Teoria unei crime Dedicat victimelor neajutorate ale razboiului din Irak, ultimul film al lui De Palma dezvaluie starea de neputinta cu care trebuie sa se confrunte populatia Irak-ului. People are people whatever their religion or politics.

She discusses several paths that can be taken to achieve this. Around the Year i Many are victims of self combustion with gasoline because they had sex before marriage in a front of their fathers and brothers.

Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

I don’t want to just listen to her proclamations – I want to be necredinciaosa credit to make up my own mind, or to see what is made obvious when relevant research and statistics are presented to me. You couldn’t prevent your husband from leaving you or taking another wife, but you could have some of your dignity if you didn’t have to beg him for financial support. Sadly I would have much more and much better question now after reading this book.

In this book the author focuses on women’s rights within the Islamic world. Soldier – Soldatul Rating 6. Surely stuff for a book, but that’s not even the main necredinioasa.

Zero stars from me and I’m deleting this trash from necrsdincioasa tablet asap. Not because of its flashy gadgets, but fundamentally, because of its values. After she produced a film called “Submis This book is the spiritual and intellectual odyssey of a very remarkable and courageous woman.