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Within the next week, a draining sinus appeared in the cheek. After initial house-to-house survey by a trained social worker, participants were invited to undergo detailed neuropsychological tests, carotid Doppler, ECG, ECHO, blood examination, dental examination, and MRI at cohort site. Our study is the largest case series of siddha medication induced VGKC positive neuromyotonia in the world literature as of date. A questionnaire comprising of 20 questions were sent through email to all practicing neurologist in India. Super refractory status Epilepticus SRSE is an important cause of mortality and morbidity in patients presenting with status epilepticus but the aetiology and predictors of treatment are not clearly understood. Festination can cause frequent falls and significantly impair quality of life in patients with idiopathic Parkinson’s disease PD. In the background of a rising burden of dementia globally, the Tata Longitudinal study of Cognitive aging was initiated in to identify risk and protective factors for dementia relevant to a developing country like India. The clinical spectrum and treatment response of various non-paraneoplastic autoimmune encephalitis syndromes is still evolving and need to be studied.

The optimal frequency seems to be independent of any demographic parameters, disease severity or duration or other stimulation features. Rest of the neurological examination was normal. The theory suggests that an automated car needs to follow strict written-out rules that it needs to follow in any situation. Potential benefits include reduced costs, increased safety, increased mobility, increased customer satisfaction and reduced crime. Focal spike and wave discharge Glioma Retrieved 17 July This study will be the first cohort study to provide Indian data on risk factors of stroke and dementia. There have so far been no complete implementation of peer-to-peer networking on the scale required for traffic:

ALS, though, primarily is degenerative disorder of motor neurons; there are reports of cognitive dysfunction in these patients. Agricultural robot Cellular agriculture Closed ecological systems Cultured meat Genetically modified food Precision agriculture Vertical farming.

Large vehicles, such as motorhomes, would attain appreciably enhanced pf2 of use.


Stroke in young has special significance in developing countries like India which faces the largest threat of stroke and its contribution in economically productive group adds to the overall disease burden. Twenty three cases had poor outcome by end of 2 months. Wide spread changes noted suggest synchronous operation of brain in relation to literacy.

Out of 9 cases with refractory symptoms, 8 pts were given IV immunoglobulins and one patient was given IV Rituiximab. In this study we assessed the clinico-radiological outcome in disseminated cysticercosis patients onlinw albendazole therapy. Our objective was to find out there is any difference in the level of SB among patient with different recovery outcome as measured by mRS at three months.

The anesthetist must have the knowledge and expertise to anesthetize a patient with a potentially compromised airway.

This study protocol was approved by the institutional ethics committee. Higher mean scores were found in SCA3. Patient presented nwvya history of sudden pain behind the right eye that progressed to loss of vision within 3 weeks.

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This study will be the first cohort study to provide Indian data on risk factors of stroke and dementia. A total of 25 2. We conducted a retrospective analysis of patients with PRES to examine this statement. Retrieved 7 December Driverless vehicles require some form of machine vision for the purpose of visual object recognition.

Mono therapy is preferable in comparing with poly therapy. Retrieved 19 December HT is arrhythmic, resting, intentional, and sometimes postural tremor with dceember frequency of 4. Experiments have been conducted on automated driving systems ADS since at least the s; [19] trials began in the s.

To highlight the importance of a detailed clinical history and physical examination for an accurate diagnosis. Intraoperative electrocorticography showed rhythmic spikes confirming the epileptogenic nature of the lesion.

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In China, Baidu and King Long produce automated minibus, a vehicle with 14 seats, but without driving seat. Domotics Nanorobotics Powered exoskeleton Self-reconfiguring modular robot Swarm robotics Uncrewed vehicle. Spontaneous epjsode hemorrhage SAHdespite improvement in surgical and medical treatments, is still a serious condition with high fatality and morbidity rates. Patients with ADCA have significant sleep abnormalities that were not specific pt22 any of the SCA subtype tested in this study and should be appropriately addressed by the therapy.


A protocol-based approach to diagnosis and management of SE results in a good obstetric outcome. Non motor symptoms are important cause of morbidity in PD.

Some of the vessels were wide, surrounded by a thin wall, and others were narrow with a thick wall. The Sydney Morning Herald.

We decemver a case of year-old female who presented with an impacted open safety pin lodged in the larynx. Cerebellum is a sub cortical structure and its lesions are known to cause epilepsy, though its primary role in seizure generation is debatable. Diagnosis was confirmed by angiography, biopsy and by both biopsy and angiography in 26 Children and teens, who are not able to drive a vehicle themselves, are also benefiting of the introduction of autonomous cars.

Responsive neurostimualtion RNS is a recent development in treating pharmacoresistant focal epilepsy. Archived from the original on 15 May In our current cohort, there is a male preponderance with thymoma B2 as commonest pathology followed by hyperplasia in contrast to previous surgery based studies.

Serum and urinary sodium, osmolality, body weight and urinary output were measured on alternate days for 2 weeks or on discharge which ever earlier.

We did a cross sectional observational study with purposive sampling. They were born to third-degree consanguineous parents. The status of the patient as regards mortality was enquired through telephone in Capsular infiltration noted in nabya