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How old is this film? I agree with you about primary sources. Important for this perspective is especially the debate surrounding the Center Against Expulsion run by Erika Steinbach and Germany’s Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation foundation. Sort of like all the Americans who came to the US are Americans and are entitled to all the rights and obligations that being an American citizen implies. The Germans hatred of Poles goes back towards the time of Bismarck and is once again demonstrated in this series. Whereas Gnauck evidently thinks the time has come for closer cooperation, Gawin criticizes Germany’s lone efforts regarding the politics of history and the distortion of historical facts.

There is also hope that conclusions be drawn from the Polish reaction to pay greater attention to Polish sensibilities in the future. The German TV depiction was very one-sided if not downright offensive , but as I said before, not everyone behaved angelically and there were undoubtedly rogue individuals who were no better than criminals. Viktor is deported to a concentration camp, but escapes a transport to an extermination camp in occupied Poland. The Lviv pogrom in consisted mostly of looting and burning not killing in the Jewish quarter by drunken Polish soldiers after winning their battle with the Ukrainians to control Lviv — the pogrom was stopped by the Polish Army regaining control over its berserk soldiers, not by any GERMANS who were not even there. Translates by Allison Brown. It achieved record ratings, but also provoked anger among Poles who regarded its depiction of Home Army combatants as grossly unfair. Nevertheless, the German commentator is not taking the argument seriously, instead viewing civil society efforts as being right on course. Against this background, how can we summarize the trends of the debate?

Google Translate I recommend to have a read of a brilliant interview Apr with Polish historian proficient with the history of Jews in PolandProf. With all due respect to Twarda, to call me a Germanophile sic is just plain stupid, but …. The Armia Krajowa incorporated most resistance organizations which arose in Poland after Nazi Germany invaded the country.


This is surely the culmination of the bad press the Polish Resistance has been getting over the years. Cannot say I understand all the points made but most are very thought provoking and give a great insight. Poles and tilm do not take kindly to having their ethnic identity reduced to a geographic description — particularly by an outsider. These Polish objections need to be heard in Germany and taken into consideration.

The accusation that help from the AK for the Ghetto Uprising was too little and too late, is offset by the acknowledgement that the AK was unwilling to help known Communist sympathisers from among the Jewish factions. Deborah I could go on and on. People given early affection and support are quick to emulate the sympathetic and autonomous natures of their ojciwie. The costume breakdown would have to be washed out completely or dry cleaned after shooting. This work may be copied and redistributed for non-commercial, educational purposes, if permission is granted by the copyright holders.

Because the Polish people have their own Gods and do not worship a monopolistic Middle Eastern entity.

Have you given any thought as to why? Told from matii perspective of these five main protagonists, the war years from to are presented to viewers in short episodes.

Polski antysemityzm w niemieckiej telewizji

Great cast, great acting, but very anti-Polish. The other villagers in the above film were mostly decent people. My mother gave me a name. As I said above, the least the BBC and others can do if they are going to show this is to run a documentary in parallel where the AK would emerge with the credit they deserve.

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This is in comparison to the few thousand known to have betrayed Jews. Again, would that really have happened? Or would you have preferred Tristan, Heinrich, Werner, Richard or something, you better able to express in one word you Strength, Intelligence and Moral Decency.


An unsystematic but rather extensive scouring of the Internet commentaries-both after the Polish television ocowie and on the Internet pages of the newspaper articles discussed here-gives reason to draw positive conclusions.

Nasze matki, nasi ojcowie

You sir are a self-hating Pole. Ojcoowie, despite the indifference or even hostility of Poles toward Jews, the number of those who helped Jews was highest in Poland as compared with other European countries. Jews were invited into Poland by the Polish king in order to help build the Polish economy. They were not beaten. What is the adage………. I could write volumes about the injustice of this depiction of the AK, but I will confine myself to saying that it will be interesting to see how far this legal action goes.

Weber, the German historian, admitted very early on in the program that the ignorance and lack of knowledge of Germans contributed considerably to the problem of German-Polish misunderstandings.

Cultures of History Forum An example in the academic field was segregation of students at some universities. Granted that the Germans were horrendous but even ojfowie called a halt to the pogrom of the Poles and Ukranians in Lviv because of its brutality.

The Germans hatred of Poles goes back towards the time of Bismarck and is once again demonstrated in this series.

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A Chinese family moves to Italy. Poland and the AK were only roughly sketched, they said, thus giving a false impression of the neighboring country. I guarantee you that if the Fklm, instead of the Jews, picked Poles starting with the letter Z as victims of the Reich, the rest of Poland would probably have done just as little to help their uprising in