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Am I not your daughter, Mom? Mbok Randha menahan tangis. What are you eating? Thank you a lot, Buto Ijo! Widow Dadapan woke giant. Yes, daddy, Im coming.

It contains chili seeds, salt, cucumber seeds, and shrimp paste. Because of your earnestly, I will help. What will we name her? You can count on me! He heard what they were praying for. In front of her house there were her parents that waiting for her. What shall I do, God?

Naskah Drama 6 Orang

And than without think anything they are to agree with the condition that the giant give to them. Then the couple told Mbah Mumet about their wish and how Buto Ijo fulfilled it. The pair farmer are so happy. And things were getting worse as the giant had woken up. I am a hermit. So, Timun Mas took the cucumber seeds and threw them onto the ground.

Timun Mas was be spacious. Suddenly the dramw pulled him to the bottom and his hands lost her. How poor you are!! Now, run, Timun Mas! My baby girl… Mengangkat bayinya. Hopefully we can save.

Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris :Timun Mas (Golden Cucumber)

Finally Aladin and Timun Mas happy ever after. Desperately she then threw her last weapon, the shrimp paste. Aku sudah lama tidak membuka-buka dokumen di dalam laptopku dan ternyata masih ada sejumlah naskah yang tersimpan, baik yang sudah rampung maupun yang baru separuh dikerjakan.


Do you know audience? How did he do that?? And also the promise they made with the Giant.

Agak mendekati para bocah. This is my husband. Carefully, they cut the cucumber into oramg. And also the promise they made with the Giant. Our baby is very beauty and cute. See you again seventeen years from now, humans.

Or I am dreaming?? Yah, baju-baju jaman dulu yang agak lusuh maybe?

That means I must release you, my dear. Go onI’ll see you seventeen years later during the full moon. Timus Mas to make away. I can found it. What are you eating? Mbok dan Pak Randha memeluk biji mentimun.

How lucky and happy our life with our new baby girl. But soon, she was very tired herself. There are four things and messages inside. Sama kayak Timun Mas.

Hmm, bukannya udah dikasih tahu ya father harus pakai baju apa. I am very hungry while eating the cucumber fruit.

I dramx a cute and oarng baby. Run as fast as you can! You are just joking, arent you? Kisah ini bercerita tentang kesucian cinta Rama dan Shinta.


Yes, it is right, the fruit is color gold. He will kill both of us! The couple then remembered that there was a sacred hermit living inside the forest. So, you want to play with me? One day, there was pleasant couple.

Ini yah admin mau pos contoh naskah drama Ramayana dengan sedikit perubahan dari para pemikir hebat Chicago I can catch you in a moment to the other side. We need your help. Maaf buat kata-kata kasar yang ada di naskah ini. Buto Ijo bingung sendiri.


Thank you a lot, Buto Ijo! Naskah drama bahasa inggris timun masAct 1Narrator: Color the cucumber fruit is gold not the cucumber fruit is girl not green.

But I will fulfill your request to have a child. One day, there was pleasant couple.