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He feels like everything I thought was interesting about guys when I was 15… but later realized was either emo-boy posturing or gigantic red flags. Retrieved November 15, Rayna tells him he will never see Maddie and Daphne again. I just have an idea. Will is nowhere to be found, which concerns Brent and Layla, but Gunnar eventually locates him in the woods nearby. Later on Gunnar meets with Jeff who is starting a publishing division at the label and offers him to come to the company. Juliette meets her new rival Layla, Gunnar has writer’s block, and Deacon is told that he may not be able to play guitar again.

Scarlett tells Rayna that she wants Avery to produce her new album, which causes tension between him and Juliette. Rayna regains consciousness and says that she was the one driving. Jeff fires back and tells him that he’ll have access to even more royalties and not to blow more opportunities with A-list talent like Kelly Clarkson. Will is not satisfied with the demos given to him and asks Jeff to sack Brent. Retrieved March 25, Teddy and Rayna finalize their divorce. Scarlett’s change in mood seems to baffle everyone.

In the finale, I think all of the main characters did make it. Plus, Rayna and Juliette share scenes that are pure perfection why does it take so much to get the two of them in the same room and talking on this level?


‘Nashville’: What Rayna’s Fate Means for Connie Britton (SPOILERS)

Co-showrunner Marshall Herskovitz and Deaocn talked about how we wanted to do it for the most loyal fans who have really hung in there with us, seen all kinds of craziness. The two end up singing together. Then she closes her eyes, flatlines and dies. Is that accurate in terms of her recovery after the plane crash? That last shot of [Charles] Esten, when he puts his head down on her and the tear comes down out of his eye… I remember looking at that. Juliette is asked to join the Grand Ole Oprywhich leaves her speechless.

Retrieved March 18, Label CEO Jeff decides that all his new artists rana sell themselves as sexy and hot looking people, which has been a struggle for Scarlett as Layla notices. Retrieved October 31, Editorial Renewal Scorecard: And Jessie Kaitlin Doubleday got full custody of their son Jake.

Retrieved November 15, Retrieved October 25, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Deke scoffs, but Maddie and Daphne are excited for him.

‘Nashville’ Series Finale: Creator Callie Khouri On Possible Spinoff | Deadline

Juliette wonders if her man is considering a deal with the turtle devil. The nurses come in to try to resuscitate, but it seems like a formality. Powers Boothe Leaving as a Series Regular”.

However, Glenn feels sidelined and decides to return to Nashville. Deacon performs at the Bluebird and tells Avery and Juliette they look good together.


By the time Deacon Charles Esten arrives to the hospital, Rayna is conscious and in good spirits. Editorial Renewal Scorecard: Retrieved March 6, And when you lose everything, then you have to figure out what do you really want.

Which Secrets Were… People boo and throw things at her, making Rayna come to the rescue.

Retrieved November 14, Do you know this song? When she tries to intervene, Will accuses Layla of trying to destroy Scarlett.

Scarlett’s mother, Beverly, surprises her daughter in San Francisco. But then her classmates surprise her by bringing the concert to the hospital. So other friends come to visit, like Scarlett who evokes one last burst of feminism in the feisty invalid when Ryna points out that women often find themselves the objects of relationships instead of equal partners in them.

Season 4, Volume 1 The Music of Nashville: After performing with him at the Spoilere, Avery, Gunnar and Zoey decide to form a trio.