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Which is pretty much where the episode began. At the end of the ceremony, Markus Keen calls Rayna to tell her that he is on his way to Nashville and is ready to work. Season 3, Volume 1 The Music of Nashville: Season 3, Volume 2 The Music of Nashville: Daphne is missing Maddie. Tandy expresses that she has concerns about Deacon but Rayna tells her nothing is going to stop her from marrying him. Emily wants Avery to visit Juliette so he can see that she has change. Retrieved April 5,

Scarlett makes the decision to break up with Caleb so he can go to Seattle. The Verdict Is In — Plus: Juliette goes to the press room, and confesses everything from her depression to her attempted suicide and Jeff is hailed a hero. Juliette is given twenty-four hours to go public with the divorce if not Avery will. A member has started a discussion. Daphne has her reservations about the marriage too, as she’s worried about being the odd one out. Luke calls his daughter and asks to talk to his ex-wife, hinting at a reunion. Juliette leaves town without informing Avery and leaves her phone at home, on the jet Jeff gives her a new phone.

Juliette surprises Avery, and asks if she can spend more time with Cadence now that she’s home.

Season 4 promotional poster. Avery gives her more time to spend with Cadence. Meanwhile, Gunnar and Scarlett try to record together, but end up kissing each other, only for Scarlett to leave, saying she loves Caleb, and she records her part of their music by herself.


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She also is visited by Rayna, who tries to help her, but is only yelled at by Juliette, and kicked out. Avery confronts Layla about her lying and dumps her. Deacon visits Frankie to apologize spoilees Frankie informs him that he is going to buy him out of the bar, and change the name of The Beverly. Stare harder into the mirror and try to assess how far gone a casual observer would think you are.

Juliette agrees to do the movie but during her press conference she changes her mind so she can spend more time with her daughter. She lied and said the label made the decision, but we suspect that they suspect it was all on Jules.

I love the characters, I love the show, I love the music, and I think it would be a blast to havea new generation. The tabloids take notice of the pictures the paparazzi took of Avery and Emily, referring spkilers Emily as Avery’s “mystery woman.

She and Deacon are still really missing Maddie who is meeting with Vince Pierce to produce her album. The night before Luke’s tour starts, Riff’s wife informs Luke that Riff has left home and doesn’t know where he is. Beverly has had an aneurysm and is in a coma. In efforts to save her label Rayna tries to find a big name artist. Ajd and Scarlett episdoe having trouble finding time to talk.

‘Nashville’: What Rayna’s Fate Means for Connie Britton (SPOILERS)

She literally had one day that she could do it. Emily returns from visiting Juliette with Cadence and gives Avery notes to look over on what to say when people ask about Juliette’s absence from the wedding.


But in her dressing room at the ceremony, even though she looks flawless, Juliette is not doing well. Deacon feels that Maddie thinks he’s a monster so he drives off. They talk and eventually agrees to let him join. The nurses come in to try to resuscitate, but it seems like a formality. Kudos to both Hayden Panettiere and the Nashville makeup team: This section’s plot summaries may be too long or excessively detailed. Cash wants Maddie to leave Nashville so there will be no connections with Rayna.

Oh Jolene, you misguided creature.

And to see Ms. A simple check-in by Bashville sets her on a tear. Before she has a chance to leave, she runs into Avery who informs her that he wants a divorce and full custody of the baby.

At the last minute Maddie shows up to a play episide song with Daphne at a benefit at the Ryman. Deacon is back home, making Scarlett’s room up nice, and breaks down. Retrieved June 1, I just have an idea. You will be redirected back to your article in seconds.