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Jiraiya succeeds and sends his discovery to Naruto and the rest of Konoha, yet dies from his injuries. The series tells the story of Yusuke Urameshi, a teenage delinquent who is struck and killed by a car while attempting to save a child’s life. Recognizing that words alone cannot change Sasuke, Naruto says that they will meet on the battlefield as Madara told him. Until Alfred comes along, showing her kindness for the first time. And they’re friends, shockingly. He transfers his energy to Kakashi so that he can use his Mangekyo Sharingan. Member feedback about Yona of the Dawn: The Naruto manga is serialized in North America by Viz Media in their manga anthology magazine Shonen Jump, with the first chapter of the English adaptation published in the January issue.

Uchiha Obito evades death on his team’s mission to destroy the Kannabi Bridge in hopes to end the war. Warnings for unexplained time travel and a possible time paradox. In Konoha, Orochimaru summons the shikigami to revive the four Hokages. But as Yamato begins to question the spy, Kabuto Yakushi , about Orochimaru’s base of operations, Orochimaru himself shows up to end their discussion. Rising to Power by Skoolgrl09 reviews Take a peek on King Julien’s childhood and how he became king of the lemurs. As they begin preparing for battle, Kisame Hoshigaki finds Killer Bee and tries to capture him. The two ultimately clash, and after the smoke clears Neji appears to be the victor. This list covers every aspect of a particular franchise, such as box office, sales from merchandise, home entertainment, and revenue from video games, among other things, if such information is available.

Shippuden, a sequel to the original series, premiered in Japan inand ended in With both tired out from the ordeal, the match culminates in a double knock out, after which the two begin to rekindle their friendship. The Love of the Stalked by randomqueenwilla reviews Naruto is starting his first year of high school after being home schooled by his insane sister, Akira, because of his schizophrenia.


Because he has conquered the demon fox, Naruto can detect Kisame who faked his death and hid in his sword to spy on Bee.

One Change can make a big Difference by Cotty reviews What if Blu managed to convey his feelings to Jewel on the way to the Luiz’s Garage, what effect would it have on their adventure. Armed with his knowledge and resources, he fights to save Edd from a terrible fate, a fight that will lead to salvation To anyone who reads Naruto fics this isn’t narutpnine of a surprise; but perhaps the question the shippudden asks her is Taken by surprise, Konoha mobilizes its forces, Kakashi even engaging two of Pain’s bodies at once.

Rated ‘T’ in case.

As his dying act, Obito gives his Sharingan to Kakashi, who woefully leaves with Rin and is rescued shippudeb their sensei, the future Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze. Retrieved January 29, Several years later, with a new arm and married to Hinata, Naruto now the Seventh Hokage attends the Five Kage Summit in Konoha after dealing with the antics of narutoninee son, Boruto Uzumaki.

Konoha no Senkou Arashi by Minion of Set reviews She’s finally become a shinobi, after years of acting the fool. Part of a genflip AU.

Let’s get to know them more! And a pervert, lets not forget. And out for revenge. Co-written with hiei Up to Chapter 3.

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Unfinished Jobs by candylit reviews “I’m not going until I finish my job. Gaara proves to have a more difficult fight, as Kimimaro is continually able to recover from his attacks. Fang of Boredom reviews Written for bkworm’s Musical Challenge. Madara disappears with Sasuke, and the Kage join forces against Akatsuki. What happens when her family convinces her to audition for the school musical?


Life just may become easy for them after, but they have to work for it. Soul Eater – Rated: Whether it be for the better or worse remains to be seen but, either way, Naruto is going to learn about sex. Long Road by XTaiyoX reviews This is my first story ever about my two favorite robot people and dubbde else is in it too.

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Member feedback about List of Naruto: This old nation affects a certain Italians life and changes it for the better, but what does Sealand have to say about it? While neither narutonin fond of fighting the other, both do their best to be worthy opponents.

Before deciding what to do with him, Naruto asks how Nagato, a fellow pupil of Jiraiya, could have gone so astray. After this, Naruto’s fortunes narutonin to change.

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A total of 72 volumes and chapters were released. Choji is able to free the team from Jirobo, and begins to do battle with him while the others continue their pursuit.

Find out what secrets are discovered by Naruto and his training. Once Jiraiya’s shhippuden begin to gain the upper hand, Pain summons two additional Pains to fight alongside him. Pinky Promise by maiden. By then, Naruto learns of the injury he inflicted on Sakura while under the Nine Tails’s influence.

Rated T for violence.