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Another good one I’m going through right now is soranowoto. Madoka Magica with a healthy dose of Little Busters in between? It reveals certain facts that were left out in the previous arc, and leaves you with new questions. But it uses the style, it’s an online show called RWBY. Hmmm, dark anime huh? But they try to live their lives anyway. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Solo Player Squad status:

Guess Crunchyroll doesn’t want me to watch it. Up along the top of the text box where you write there are a bunch of icons, a space, and then the emotes. Remember me Forgot password? They describe a targetselection process grounded in meticulously gathered intelligence, technological wizardry, carefully designed bureaucratic hurdles and extraordinary restraint. However some that should be watched without question: Would pay ISK to see it.

Also I’m currently watching One Outs It’s a baseball themed anime with a cool ass main. Fetalis Central Ward Deactivated. Reyes is on the boat.

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It’s all about outmaneuvering your foes without fighting them, and trying to create a form of government in a world lacking order. Looked like a Yuri – which is good all in itself. The entire series is on Youtube. I think I want to watch a romance next. I’m kinda pumped for this.


I thought I posted both of them but they don’t appear when I type them in search Hyakka Ryouran: My Goddess Samurai Bride? Ghost Kaisar Titans of Phoenix Just finished soranowoto, I’m putting it down as one of my favourite anime’s of all time, really nice story, and good characters. Don’t know what I watch: Good animes I have seen: I would rage if I don’t find it in dub.

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Also, I don’t think I could switch between two series like that. Don’t make him do it. Trigun and badlands rumbleSpice and wolf, hellsing ultimate, Steins gate, Mirai Nikki, last exile, attack on titan, darker than black and mushishi are all shows that been mentioned that are definitely well worth checking out.

Beat you ro it!

I wonder if Offline will just turn into a romance story lol. If you’re up for some serious psychological breakdowns, you should take a look at H20 -Footprints in the Episde, or Aku no Hana.

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What anime without a little bit of otaku music? I’m gunna to look around for about an hour. To be fair most of those are pretty bad. Feel free to add your suggestions guys! Episodd Busters is a lot like clannad tho – the first season was pretty slow. On episode 84 out of three hundred something they are on right now.


Next on the list is Bakemonogatari. It’s the burner I see the most. It’s what SAO should have been.

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The database recognizes 1, software titles and delivers updates for your software including minor upgrades. Has anyone said Toradora yet? It makes exactly as much sense as it sounds like. Animeaffles this time, signing in and registering will be inaccessible.

Think about other girls who vanished – when Riki put his full attention on Rin they vanished, with a smile to Kyuosuke.

In fact, he is the opposite. And School Days is Oreimo – Main character discovers his bratty sister’s secret.

Honest to god here. Orders processed timely after the payment verification.

You will need the Climbing Axe, Prying Axe, and some rope arrows. It was great, and leaves me wanting more.