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Simplicity is the most complex of all methods — something put beautifully by Leonardo Da Vinci. First of all I thank Mysskin, at least for selecting Ilayaraja for the music division and the camera guy. The association with ‘Nandalala’ and Nari Kuravas does not end here. But, camera by Mahesh Muthuswamy will leave you asking for more. But there’s something in this movie that could leave an aching spot in your heart. How do they meet and what is the affinity that unites them in their journey? But he hides this from the boy and pretends to continue to search for his mother.

Along the way, their innocence and affection changes others too. They start living in an independent house. Myskin’s ‘Nandalala’ is at last reaching its final stage. A private detective ends up unraveling a large conspiracy while investigating the disappearance of a child’s pet dog. On the flipside, the fact that Mysskin has got inspired from ‘Kikujiro’ does cast a shadow on the merits of the filmmaker. Director Myskin is of the opinion that ‘Hallile’ could very well be the next ‘Vaale Meenu’. Films are jointly producing ‘Nandalala’. One can only imagine the plight and helplessness of a man from a mental asylum and a schoolboy as they walk around without knowing the harshness and cunning of the world around them.

All said and done; the above words are not adequate to nanalala the essence of Nandalala; which is simplicity and pure love and affection untouched by the wariness of the big bad world. Was this review helpful to you?

You know that director turned actors have not done really well and I don’t really like this trend. One would expect such a simple and straightforward movie to have very few highlights on the technical front. And what a poetic title!!! Not even an evident of commercial is in this movie. Nandhalala has a lot of flaws — from poor camera angles to ridiculous acting skills of certain lead actors.


Sign in to vote. The boy’s journey is not to find what is very far away from him, but toward what had been always within him. The moment film starts with a peacock feather’s close-up. It was one of the very best movie of Indian cinema. Ashwath Ram as the young boy longing for his mother’s love is convincing.

Ashwath Ram, Mysskin and Snigdha have done their parts very well. A cop identifies the mystery and solves the nanralala. I am not a person easily moved, and, well, I’m not proud of that. Edit Did You Know? Simplicity is the most complex of all methods — something put beautifully by Leonardo Da Xlimax. The emotions and happenings on screen look so genuine and endearing.

It was one Friday evening when I was working on my laptop keeping the TV on n mute. While watching the movie, we completely forget that this is the same man who wrote and directed this. Along the way, their innocence and affection changes others too. In fact, there are many key points where the director has completely done away with dialogues. Whether they meet their mothers and whether their mothers are as they had imagined them to be, forms the climax.

Director Myskin is introduced as an actor in the film. Both these people clomax from a very rich and wealthy family background.

Nandalala – Poetry on screen

Naga, Prayaga Martin, Radha Ravi. Saturday, September 20, Nandalala nandapala Myskin. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.

Their innocence, helplessness and affection change others too. A depressed and loyal policeman loses his gun to a killer, who kills people due the circumstances of his life.

Cheran, Dipa Shah, Y. Firstly,Nandalala is just not a movie. People will understand you, just keep supplying us the kind of movies you are passionate about. At some point, the disabled person finds that the boy’s mother had left him to marry another man and now has a child to take care of.


The scene that shows a physically handicapped person moves the audience. Narain, Bhavana, Kadhal Thandapani. The young boy’s quest is intercepted by many events, both small and big; each moulds his personality.

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The shooting of the last stage of the film took place yesterday at Gopichettypalayam. There was some visuals going on Kalaignar TV which was excellent and increased the volume to see some scenes. The “Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows” widget tracks the real-time popularity of relevant pages on IMDb, and displays those that are currently generating the highest number of pageviews on IMDb.

A common man’s ability to defeat the devil. After a big quarell, they decide to take divorce. Mysskin, who is known for shaping even the small characters well, has done it again. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Mysskin has lived the role of Bhaskar Mani.

Ground Breaking Indian Cinema. Gudu Gudu Gunche, People will understand you, just keep supplying us the kind of movies you are passionate about. Audible Download Audio Books. The mood that his camera brings in while the starting credits begin to roll is pure magic. Once when I read the news that you have promoted yourself as a hero, I decided not to watch this jovie.

Posted by admin at 8: Myskkin, This review is written mainly for you. Myskin, don’t give up acting just because climas few failures. Brave attempt and succeeded to some extent!