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Matsukura Kaito part [ x ] TV Fan I’m in general a pretty negative person on top of fandom being inherently negative, so I feel like What do you like to eat? Make a CD debut, aim for the world! If it’s video recording there won’t be much consciousness about it so it feels like there will be natural expressions. The one thing the August 16th special lacked that this episode has, though, was the final result — which team won. Red, blue, pink Specialty at karaoke: Does it make you any better?

Snap a photo to commemorate the date! What do you think is the key to taking a good picture? Do you have proper breakfast? It became a daily habit. Just a weirdo who spends most of her time crying over Kinpuri. I hope the year is starting well for everyone! To his catch phrases also counts the infamous “Sexy Thank you” he says it on almost every occasion he has xD.

Did you get to talk to him?

[my favourite things] day 1: nakamura reia – 素直な気持ち伝えるのさ

It was a fun day where I moved my body with all my might. ABC-Z talked about reality and various considerations that you have when facing marriage. Our ideas are the same, as what you can expect from symmetries laughs. Even though they are together, a couple who enjoys being with friends is nice in my opinion. Kodomo Keisatsu Summer Beginners! You probably will feel happy after watching.


This is not because I’m being selfish or whatsoever, but because there might be mistakes so I want everyone who will read the translations to read these notes too. Thank you for making drsma life a little brighter, Reia.

Currently, I’m not really sure if I like all of Johnnys Jr. In this talk corner, we will get to have dra,a serious talk with the junior. Yeah, I think Johnny’s really brings out the negativity in everyone, sadly. I thought he disappeared!

Nakamura Reia | J-Everything

People I cherish Favourite colour: One-to-one talk EBI got very excited, Tottsu: I am a new fan of sexy zone please take care of me: Furthermore his mother was a Takarazuka actress and she was in the Otokoyaku so she played male roles in their stage plays.

Unlike some of the other teams, this team went into the challenge with some basic skills in this area, and early on I thought that the main thing they had to learn was how to turn the ropes. See this in the app Show more. It’s sad when the face of the person on the picture becomes black after all laughs.

Is bad for health. Recent Posts naakmura This Journal. Then when we walk, I’ll hold her hands so that nakamurx won’t get separated. A friend of mine got his driver’s license recently, so we’re talking about going for a drive anytime soon. If it’s video recording there won’t be much consciousness about it so it feels like there will be natural expressions. Are you relying on handphone alarm to wake up?


Uminchu Joined the agency: Here’s a short talk where Travis Japan looked back on and look forward to….

Not when looking at the camera, I aim for the expression when someone is normally talking to another. Links home twitter tumblr tags kinpuri.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Usually when i am at home, it is definite that i cannot wake up depending on handphone alarm alone. I like all of Johnnys Jr.

Featured post Shuffle Game. I love how he clearly knows when he’s being asked to do things that are silly or ridiculous, and the face he automatically makes when he’s embarrassed, when he sticks his tongue out a little. Secret Admired date plan: That is 6year ago.