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Their world is subject to rational and predictable laws: The wood of a living sandal tree has no fragrance, Marcus said the other day, the perfume materializing only after the cutting down. A country endlessly fought over, not for its own sake, but for the access it gives to other things, cultures, places, peoples. Why can’t you write about ordinary things? In what ways is the house itself symbolic? Each chapter of The Wasted Vigil begins in the present tense then falls, as in a fitful sleep, into a tense of the past. From among this element emerges Casa.

Yet Marcus and Qatrina enjoy the kind of companionable marriage which is the most important, and least appreciated, legacy of the European enlightenment. The journalist is investigating the reappearance of some letters thought to have been lost in a train crash 19 years earlier; there are rumours they are linked to the murder of a local judge. Filed Under March 27, Muslims study sciences that are of service to them, such as medicine. Please try again later. They have no choice but to spread destruction in the world.

He condemns just about everyone in these pages. Stay in Touch Sign up. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

Why does Aslam withhold the story of precisely how he lost that hand until much later in the nadefm None of these flashbacks are signalled in any way. He humanizes the proponents of a violent ideology while concurrently foregrounding the terrible flaws in the logic of a self-righteous war on terror.

Marcus, an English doctor who has lived in Afghanistan for many years, married an Afghan woman, Qatrina, and converted to Islam; David, a former cold war spy for the US, who has returned to Afghanistan to try to discover the fate of the boy he thinks of as his son; Lara, a Russian woman who is searching for her brother, Benedikt, a soldier who went AWOL during the Soviet invasion; Casa, a bitterly angry young jihadi eager to give his life for Islam; and James, an American special forces agent willing to go to any lengths to protect America from Islamic terrorists.


You wastes, though, choose to trace its workings, the terrible calligraphy of events. Literary Fiction Military Fiction print.

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Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. Casa is no kind of name for a Pathan orphan, and the explanation for it which I won’t give is outlandish. Just send us an email and we’ll put the best up on the site. His new novel, The Wasted Vigilfollows several characters in contemporary Afghanistan. Under the Taliban regime, Marcus waits for his left hand to be cut off, in a small chamber at the back of the mosque.

And that’s the final triumph of The Wasted Vigil. Desecration is not their purpose. His daughter, Zameen, might have known Benedikt… but Zameen is also dead.

It’s hard to care about the emotional wholeness of someone who has personally authorised torture. In what ways is The Wasted Vigil as much about love as it is about violence, hatred, and war? Aslam’s woman is both the idol and the slave of the Muslim imagination, who distracts the Believer from his prayers or shop and must be disciplined and confined.

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Aslzm three main characters are a Briton, a Russian and an American, representing almost too neatly the players of recent history.

They were the mujahidin in the days when they were fighting the Russians and the western world sent them arms and expertise.

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Personal tools Log in. Outside Jalalabad, by a lake believed to be haunted by angry djinn, in a remote house filled with the spirit of missing loved ones, four lost souls gather — their lives criss-crossed and overlapping with tragedy. T here isn’t enough beauty in the world, but isn’t it true that a work of art can be too beautiful? Marcus’s wife Qatrina is made to officiate, to sever the hand. Aslam’s next novel took 11 years to write.


Not that the reader will notice this single loose end amid wated peach nadfem and the gore.

Some scenes, such as a game of buzkashi with a live human being, make unbearable reading. Islam appears to Aslam as the French revolution to De Tocqueville: With astonishing lyricism and compassion, Aslam creates unforgettable characters. It’s wastrd that between them they have a single picture of a woman’s face from a newspaper, which has been cut into 10 pieces for communal safe-keeping ‘Travelling assorted distances, the fragments came together now and then to form her’.

At other times one wishes to savour language — the rhythm of sentences, the precision with which a given word has been studded into a phrase — and on such occasions the larger size helps to slow one down, pause at each comma.

Sometimes, he is provocative: What good might come of each side witnessing the grief of the other? He went missing one day. A country endlessly fought over, not for its own sake, but for the access it gives to other things, cultures, places, peoples. Stemple, illustrated by Rebecca Guay. Both David and Casa find their way to the home of Marcus Caldwell in the days following Lara’s asslam.

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