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Although NAD is still committed to offering a variety of products at modest prices, a few years ago they decided to take their engineering, build quality, and pricing more upscale, and launched the Masters Series components. M51 was before Win 8. Just the input signals and a noise floor. Most-Read Reviews Last Days. Under this Agreement NAD grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicenseable, royalty-free limited license to use the program or online documentation for use solely for the purpose of upgrading NAD Products. Upgrades, modifications, or repairs to this program or documentation will be strictly at the discretion of NAD.

I have a pretty old NAD CD changer and on some recordings, it is more listenable than several of my modern dacs. Sometimes more detail can suck, especially with some of the poorly recorded and mastered CDs out there. One of the challenges in reviewing DACs is that so many of them sound so similar to each other. All inputs accept sample rates up to kHz. I hate to add an AB switch before the poweramp but can’t see how it could be done any other way. Crazy Cello Shredding from Edgar Moreau. The sturdy remote control is festooned with buttons and is essential for setup and volume control, dimming the front panel, and switching polarity.

With the Coax input, there are no visible harmonics with a 1 kHz test signal that was generated at 16 bit, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Counterpoint DA digital processor. Submitted by Amir the Great on February mm51, – 6: Bonus Recording of January Yes, my password is: Bonus Recording of December I got my M51 early brand new and never had any issues with it nor its windows drivers, worked like a charm mastrs these years and still i enjoy it everyday.

The music was splendid, and so went my afternoon, with this album and more of same.


I have a pretty old NAD CD changer and on some recordings, it is more listenable than several of my modern dacs. Due to the very high clock speed and mathematical precision of our reconstruction filters, the resulting audio signal is totally free of digital artifacts.

NAD M51 Direct Digital DAC –

The nae and feel are of quality but not opulence. Bonus Recording of November Then there’s that attitude: Dealer Event in San Diego Friday. These are fed to a high precision op-amp.

Music Menlo ‘s Creative Capitals. I’ll leave it to JA to confirm those claims with his test gear, while I use my ears and brain to hear what happens when you slice and dice a lowly PCM input signal mastwrs a million little pieces and send it back out again.

NAD M51 dac review

Share This Page Tweet. According to NAD, “The extreme headroom afforded by the bit architecture sfries for a DSP-based volume control that does not reduce resolution.

Here is a spectrum of a 20 kHz sine wave and the PWM pulses that would represent it at the output: Paying SDK for the M A rise in noise at out-of-band frequencies is also seen with SACD, but it is a much larger rise than seen here with the M We use MailChimp as our email marketing platform. The M51 is a full-size component measuring approximately 17″W x 3″H x 12″D and serirs just shy of 13 pounds.

Create new account Request new password. Thank you for the review Jon. No one forced you to buy it if its ergonomically dose not work for you. The placement of instruments and voices along that continuum was stable and well defined. It never actually is converted to an analog signal, but rather, a Pulse Nasters Modulated signal that resembles the musical wave form.


Its slight favoring of the midrange imbues the sound with just a hint of extra warmth. M51 was before Win 8. The trade-off for all of this precision is that the Grace can sometimes sound a touch mechanical — the NAD never did. Again, clean, clean, clean. Since the volume control operates in the bit domain, no bit truncation will occur with bit sources until you reach 66dB of attenuation — really, really quiet.

The lack of any peaks at the base of the 7 kHz peak in this spectrum is practically a definition of clean detail in the sound. The cannon shots at the end go very deep, and everything that was on the disc came out of the speakers.

At the left of the rear panel are high-quality analog outputs, balanced and unbalanced; at the right, a socket for the detachable AC power cord rwview a power switch. Ultimately you’re reviewing the dac in the Marantz AV!!

Distortion measurements were within an 80 kHz bandwidth unless otherwise stated. Read more of this product’s story. For example, if the values changed the delay to 1. NAD Electronics began 40 years ago with what was then a different business model from that employed by their hi-fi competitors. Most-Read Reviews Last Days. Hello, Thank you for the review Jon. The only drawback I could see using the NAD as a preamp is that there are no volume buttons on the M51 itself; you’d have to decide where to put the remote and leave it there.