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We had hints of that, but they were few and in-between. Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday! Watch full episodes free online of the tv series Spy Episode 1 with subtitles. And I’m sure the cast and crew are relieved that the drama is over! Been waiting for this! He seems woodenly acting but he has one ear moving expressively: He loses himself in the fun of the game and high-fives their victory…then remembers to get cranky again and tells her yet one more time to leave.

I have read people bashing it. In a ghostly vision superimposed over this scene, we see how that tear got there — Myung-wol had preceded him to the house and took a vindictive blade to the sofa. Not that ordeal again. Ok-soon and Hee-bok try to quickly figure out how to respond, and opt for hysteria. From personal experience, buying off of eBay or other sites usually results in bootleg or illegal copies of the dramas which results in poor picture quality. I know Dennis speaks English because he doesn’t know how to speak any Korean, but the way Sun-ae and Yoo-il still understand each other through their language barrier shows how strong the relationship is. Free Japanese,Korean, taiwanese,hong kong, chinese, Singapore Drama and Movie online streaming with english sub subtitles subs subbed megavideo mobile.

This is more of a one-sided love. Thank you so much for the recap! Now this, he did not expect. Episode 6 by Helcat.

Went about this business. Now that the fickle Poseidon has secured a timeslot, he must be really regretful. He insists yet again that she go; she challenges him to a game instead. Thank you ladies for hanging in there when you could’ve dropped the recaps for gooddrsma show many ah-episode ago. Its hard to pinpoint just exactly whats making Korean drama click. Ghost Myung-wol and 3D Myung-wol were really today’s highlights!!! She takes down the gangsters with ease as Kang-woo watches wide-eyed and slack-jawed.


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I love this drama. I will admit I replayed the fight scene like 4 times just to see her kicks. Korean TV Drama 2-pack: She came back, that’s what matters. With Kang-woo in danger, Goofdrama hurriedly works herself free of her ropes, just as the gangsters saunter up to him wielding metal pipes, threatening to ruin his pretty face.

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eplsode Spy MyungWol is good, but the end was rushed. Tsk, tsk, the spies in this world. You may have to search for the final scene on You Tube and recap elsewhere, if you don’t understand it, but it is worth it. That entails being shot dead, and they shudder at the thought.

For me, i stopped watching after Kang Woo slaps Myung Wol. For some reason, i feel this drama ending is not a happy one What eppisode North Korea? Image of drama legend of the condor heroes cdrama. By episode 4, there were no previews, just Singapore footage that confused everybody. He acts all smart in front of his followers using English words that he heard when he used to work as a shoe-shiner at the American Army Base.

Cant’ wait for the next epi-recap. Chairman Joo arrives back home, and Ryu meets him at gunpoint. Episde After seeing flashbacks about three minutes into the episode, I started thinking, “Oh no.

Ani August 2, at 3: Probably with some things “borrowed” from his movies’ prop departments. Dennis O’Neil spent the whole time speaking English and Nam SangMi chattered at him in Korean and somehow they began to understand each other perfectly. Dressed as staff members, they direct the managers in the wrong direction. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. I also vote for Spy Choi Ryu! Deal gone wrong with Chairman Joo?


For staying till the bitter end, JB and GF deserve a standing ovation. Sweet Spy Episode 1. I hate it when they start thinking out loud. D Siwon fans, please dont hurt me wll I personally wanted Eric to do Poseidon instead of Siwon, I think Eric is a much better episdoe than him, even though Yes Siwon has the action packed drama under his resume already Athena so playing the role probably wasn’t too difficult.

Nuur October 2, at 2: Instead, he emerges from the bathroom to find her playing a shooter game, and she marvels at how lifelike the toy gun feels in her hands before realizing the slip and covering.

What is important is the follow through. Play download Add to Playlist. On the bright side, Myung-wol makes a breathtaking bride! Sweet spy mv – My sweet Memoirs – Duration: He certainly did that plaid shirt justice, didn’t he?

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We are having a drought here in Texas. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Your email address will not be published. If it only takes one “disruption” to “mess up” a drama, then the PD and writer have some serious things to work on.

Sorry don’t want a lot of angst and drama in my drama if they don’t deliver it during the script writing! Not quite sure on how he feels, he thinks back to their various bonding encounters, and it amuses yhe that their budding romance is pretty much defined by disaster.