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Episodes by LollyPip. I mean in the real world wouldn’t he be signing his own death warrant? Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. I think a lot of members here stopped watching this drama and just waiting for the recaps. Ha, why is that so funny? He looks up at her, finally understanding it all.

Are you implying that the writer got frustrated at the HYS drama and decided to produce the worst script in ? Episodes by odilettante. Hahaha Girlfriday, you crack me up. So he asks her to get married. That doesn’t equal up. I am currently speechless about this drama

He held on to the very end, acting his heart out, despite no one else really being in the game. But I figure Eric must shine in at least one drama that doesn’t suck. Ryu all the way. Poor him, he needs a warm hugs! Have they lost their senses or episkde amnesia to remember that myung wol is back at the end??

Spy Myung Wol

The plot is so half-hearted and totally bad. Where they went for that year is thus insignificant, plus they didn’t have time to write in a good reason, so we have to conjure up our own.

Next episode better have him A-okay! You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. Bringing you in is all that matters. They can stay in one of Inah’s hotels? Let me ask you something. In-ah does something heroic? Please enter your username or email address.

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How many times do they use the same gags throughout Spotted, they scatter in two teams and hide from the guards who scour the pier. He confesses that he was young and powerless, so he thought that if he became rich and famous, he could find out the truth. That said, there’re enough going on for me to enjoy this drama despite its short comings. They take off running. And one last thing If you want to kill me, kill me.


Well yeah they were sad, we were all sad but they agreed that young-ju still had to die because it made sense. I think HYS’s debacle was a symptom of the behind-the-scenes disaster that was clearly already in the making.

Yessie August 30, at It’s a real pity. So what can you do? The three mying separate in order to mope, with Kang-woo heading back to his house, Myung-wol sitting in her empty studio apartment, and Ryu in…an abandoned warehouse?

But after reading the recent episodes’ recaps, I’d like to reconsider it again. Ryu waits at the dock for Myung-wol to arrive, and she manages to evade the NSA agents, but someone chloroforms her and grabs her just before she can get to Ryu. She thinks he engineered the sniper thing?

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Still love it and like the new direction. How would they react?

Just then her doorbell rings and Ryu hides as Myung-wol approaches her door cautiously. The last few episode was just wasteful and such disappointment!

spy eng sub ep 15

And that to me all points to the production team. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. A knight in shining armour A stony face masking your ardour A heart that loves in vain Fists clenched to hide eipsode pain So sad, uri Ryu. Thank you for the recap. He gruffly walks her down the mountain grumbling at her for coming up here, and enb snaps off her heels when she starts complaining. The bullet lands in his back, and he collapses.


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I dont’ want episodde to epispde Oh, love that and just tweeted it. She just gave me great deal of annoyance. Amen to that aX. Though I remember the old guy Hee-bok keep talking about visiting his mom grave instead of other families members I guess handing the books in to the North as a trade off will be the best option otherwise it’s going to get bloody. The subb Nk thing made it really special i thought?

If the solution was going to be this easy, then why did we have to go through all the leaving, not leaving, hiding, dealing, kidnapping, and fake death? Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Thanks JB and GF for the persevering till the end. He comes out of the cave and shouts her name over and over, breaking my heart. In Ah and Ryu are the characters who evolved the most.