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They protected the cabin of the truck with a thick steel cage and polycarbonate blast shields. The cast of the television series MythBusters perform experiments to verify or debunk urban legends , old wives’ tales , and the like. More Seasons in Series See All. The safety precautions for this test involved all zombie volunteers and Adam, who participated in this test as one of the zombies wearing cutouts of polyethylene sewer pipes, in order to prevent the volunteers from accidentally stumbling over and being trampled. The Walking Dead ‘ s Michael Rooker guest stars in this episode. To think we have had enough of an impact on popular culture to encourage interest in STEM materials has just been phenomenal.

Explosions A to Z Next: The car then tumbled forward and bounced off the ground again before smashing itself. There was no indication that the sandbags had contributed to the car leaving the ground. First, Adam and Jamie investigate how well-acquainted people really are with the backs of their own hands, before finding out if it is impossible to ride a bicycle underwater. Now, with a decade’s experience under their belts and the expert assistance of the Build Team, they’re back, determined once and for all to either confirm or bust the myth. The second test involved a second Impala with six rockets attached, launched off a giant ramp as in the Supersized Myths special. Deadliest Catch Crabtastic Special. He also conducted preliminary tests at the bomb range, using a scuba tank filled with explosives with the nozzle attached, but it failed to paint the wall in a better spread than a scuba tank without the nozzle.

Is better to stand in the doorway during an earthquake? But there is a plot, too, of course, a helluva one. When the explosive detonated, each of the canvases ended up almost entirely covered in paint. It’s enough to make a clown frown but will this myth go pop? Instead of a berm, they built a large ramp out of prefabricated roof trusses. A scale model test showed that over-under epsiode was more effective in pulling someone overboard than regular coiling, epiosde regular coiling was used for the full-scale test as it is a more common technique to mtthbusters used on a crab boat.

But could this tale of a pilot crushed between a rocket and a hard place be true or is it just an urban myth? I still remember discovering this show, not quite 10 years ago. You’ll just have to watch and find out. The Sydney Morning Herald. So to brave the rapids, mytbbusters built two separate crafts out of bubble wrap pontoons held together by duct tape: First, Adam and Jamie investigate how well-acquainted people really are with the backs of their own hands, before finding out if it is impossible to ride a bicycle underwater.

Top Gear, The India Special. On start, the zombies would approach the human zone, with Adam and Jamie forbidden from engaging a zombie until it entered the human zone.


The story goes that a clown was involved in a 35 mph fender bender and was saved by a bunch of balloons which act as an impromptu airbag. They get set for a night of frights, finding out if there really is an aroma of anxiety and if there is, if its eisode enough for a human nose to sniff out.

But with their speedboat out on the open sea will mtyhbusters curse of the Bifurcated Boat return? To find out Eppisode and Jamie break it down to size, testing if the acid has the bite to make a molten meal out of your bathroom.

He managed to survive, and found a large rock afterwards on epusode to rest and reenter the boat. The show consistently offers an entertaining mix of pop culture, hard science and big explosions anchored by one of televisions oddest couples, Jamie and Adam. Episode 16 Mission Accomplished: The question is whether this tale is true or just an urban myth. Kari and Tory modified a large dump truck to be mythbussters as a mobile bunker during the rocket tests. How do I log in?

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In the final test, which had the subjects use their non-preferred hands to make throws, the males threw more accurately but not as fast, a reversal of the first test.

Then in Underwater Bike Ride they submerge themselves in sub-aquatic physics and the pool to find out! On this horrific episode of MythBuster, mythbushers thrills, spills and spine tingling chills for the mytjbusters ever Halloween special.

Are women better multi-taskers? Pop culture’s most baffling urban myths and legends are debunked, decoded and demystified by the Mythbusters. Make sure you tune in to find out! And tonight’s finale delivers some real shocks, and a massive cliffhanger.

All tests in which Buster was standing up or leaning on the pot launcher failed to work; Buster would get caught on the pot launcher. Adam was also able to use sparks from the car’s battery to make a fire, after making duct tape handles for the battery’s wires which tended to get hot.

On this episode of MythBusters, Adam and Jamie test the movie myth that a convict sandwiched between two chubby cops survived after their car was Tboned by a truck. Episode 5 Randomiser Rises: However, in a fireball filled finale the car crashed and burned on approach.

Jamie brought in a load of concentrated sulfuric acidmythbusterd with a second chemical that he referred to as “special sauce” to increase its corrosive ability.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: How many videos can I watch? In addition, a tally of the users of each stall showed that the stalls were used by myythbusters, 38, 34 and 24 episodde, respectively. No doubt, its their ambitious duct tape adventure yet, and with a special guest appearance from Nik Wallenda, will the MythBusters put the can in Canyon?


Adam and Jamie test the movie myth that a convict sandwiched between two chubby cops survived after their car was T-boned by a truck. I am not a teacher or Student, can I gain access? To celebrate the th episode of MythBusters, the team are back with a vengeance, returning to the myth that began it all: MythBusters – Waterslide Wipeout.

Then along with a porcine pal, its time to go full scale on this chemistry catastrophe, but will the acid reign, or is this bathtub burnout all washed up? And lastly theyre unleashing the Beast, the giant impenetrable moving bunker where all the rocket powered action is going to go down.

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On this Episode of MythBusters, with over a decade of mythbusrers, and over myths to choose from, the team are scanning the archives for their unsolved Myth-teries, or the myths that got away. From the season 1 episode “Crazy Handful of Nothin’.

After their first two attempts to test this myth went up in flames, Adam and Jamie are hoping it will be third time lucky for this jet-assisted jalopy. In a replication of the Simons – Chabris invisible gorilla test designed to measure general inattentional blindnessten men and ten women were shown a video of two three-man teams passing basketballs and were told to count the number of times a white team member passed a basketball, while the true aim was to see if the subjects could spot a zombie Kari in a costume walking amongst the action.

Meanwhile Kari Tory and Grant wing it with a makeshift myth. During an IndyCar Series road race, race cars can generate enough suction against the ground while driving to remove manhole covers from their manholes.

Will Moby Dick get busted?

How do I log in? The legend goes that a speed freak strapped a JATO rocket to the roof of his 69 Chevy Impala and went from 50 mph to mph in no seconds flat. Before building any boats to use, Adam was first wrapped in a thick suit of bubble wrap and duct tape, intending for it to be insulated and waterproof; however, cold water started to seep in after a short time and Adam soon lost his ability to control himself due to the added buoyancy of the bubble wrap.