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As for Ho Goo, was it the parents environment or was it Ho Goo’s instrinsic character nature that made Ho Goo into a decent human being? And the text from X too. I’m not sure if that scene was meant to suggest his cluelessness That article uses a buttload of weasel words. Just reading this made me want to draw some blood Of course, these children are better than the aborted.

I just want to see Ho-kyung inflict a lifetime of misery and pain on him. Good nature or not, parents help keep their kids out of trouble. He notices the condoms on the table and asks about them, then tunes out halfway through her sentence and demands food again. That weighs on his mind all evening, and he declines to join in on the family Go-Stop game. Is he so untouchable as a Commander that he never comes under suspicion? I liked that he told her off.

Of course, these children are better than the aborted. I am absolutely loving Kang ho-kyung here! William Schwartz February 25, at 2: Picking it up, she thinks of Ho-gu arguing to stay with her through labor, because it would be scary for her to do it alone.

Episode 12 by LollyPip. It just resonates with me. Agree, about this show having having a spectrum of characters like Misaeng. Perhaps is why we have a generation of entitled kids. Yes, the difference is prolly the personalities more than the parenting. At the hospital Do-hee looks in on her baby in his incubator, wearing a curious dark? I did find it a little off-putting. I think this is the first Kdrama I have ever seen where the hospital doors were not sliding doors.


Her narrative purpose seems to be a foil to Kang-chul.

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I am just so impressed. I really really love the show. I really saw the courtroom scene as well as all of Ho Kyung’s lectures as farce, and I think those scenes were acted and directed well enough that it comes off that way and works effectively.

Guys like him, I’m better off being a single mom if I am one, than spending my married life with him. Here is the article. In the poor family, we have a sinopsiw who totally honors his wife. And the text from X too.

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On the other hand, Kang-chul sits at the very top of the list in first place. So to some degree, these kind of people must still exist in quite a large number, then Smooshing my face right now. Even on the phone with do heeshe sounds happy. The way they portray sexuality and contraceptives is so much mydxy empowering and progressive than most Korean dramas. Then Dad gives Ho-gu some cash, and the first thing Ho-gu does is buy those hot buns Do-hee wanted.

In this mydzy, it looks as if we’ll be dealing with issues of balance between what is conservative and what is progressive andhow to honor tradition while still accepting human behavior and modern times.

Uee’s doing such a great job as Do Hee that I totally shed tears along with her. That there is no value to a parent other than providing for the child?


I just want to see Ho-kyung inflict a lifetime of misery and pain on him. But upon further reflection I think it’s quite possible that her opinions are also intended to come guu as pretty intriniscally flawed.

The reason Do-hee went to one in the the middle of nowhere is because as a celebrity it was important she not be recognized. Tammie February 24, at 8: The opening scene cracked me up so much wonder why JB left the part out of the recap? I felt a little like his reaction was slightly out of character for him from what we’ve seen so far.

Also, I’m horrified that I missed my typo. What’s the rock song his sister listens to?

The Handmaid’s Tale recap: episode five – Offred the invincible

Show 25 25 50 All. But I think the choices are too limited. Parents are to just let there pre-teen and teenagers run wild?

He’s an asshole in every situation, to everyone in his life. It’s a double standard which I ought to be used to by now, but I am not. I get so pissed by these kind of characters. Perfect mix of comedy and badassery. Agh, why did I only think of this after I posted that review