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I still believe they are not really paid to broadcast in a bias manner because they still have some conscience left. The congress doesn’t want to argue on more important laws. How do you want this film to be remembered by Ilonggos and movie enthusiasts? The beef of those who attack Puentevella is this: There are also countless stories of “experience” told by many men that seemed to validate the existence of such individuals. Indi lang ang siyudad dapat buligan…tanan nagakinahanglan. I was disappointed and that thought was enough to destroy my evening. Where do you rent additional camera or lighting equipment?

For an outsider, this might be a one-sided race but believe me; Jed Mabilog is like a rock star here. As for Priscilla Fontana, I just reminded her that this is her big break, that her future career in the film industry rests on her performance in this particular, and mind you, her launching, movie. This week, they approved a whopping 1. I really thank God for how everything just fell into place. But whatever you do with your family, it’s always important to go back to your roots. Phenomenal it was, indeed!

At least bring coins. Unfortunately, he opted to bolt out from the platform that helped him succeed: I’m not a big fan of television. Friday, November 06, Advice to Radio Personalities – please don’t become a media whore. Yep, Human Rights Comission will come scrambling to help him. The call center industry is getting really big in Bacolod but they cannot protect the employees. But my respect to him went down when he went on national television crying because his parents separated. You constantly amaze your critics and fans by endlessly reinventing yourself.

This show is very informative because he holds debates, takes DBK Digital Bolang Kristal on certain days and provide commentaries on the government.


Worst they might not show up on Monday for no apparent reason. For the first time in my life, I think Shodt City or even Panay is slowly becoming the next Atlantis. Bring lots of coins. Our shooting schedule was grueling but, in fairness to me as schedule manager, most of the actors were given enough ilonggoo for catnaps during the day. A Political Party is not a Basketball Team. Ang mga kabataan nga ga intra, may makuha man sila bangod sadya ang eksperyensya.

My Sacrifice: Iloilo Short Film (by Remjo Debil)

So I wrote them this letter: May the food nourish us, And the fellowship enrich our lives. Even the war of Tupas and Suplico could not scrifice to the attacks.

Dying will only place other people in trouble because you are no longer there to guide and shoort the needed muscle. It’s like promising not eat any chocolate anymore while chewing on one. Quite mushy but true. It was a miracle! USA will still be aggressive in its assitance in other countries but will always have to think through on what they can do. Wacrifice sa mga banwa, may iilonggo pa. People did not only came to the cemetery to visit the two Aquino heroes but also a presidential candidate.

You’ve seen acts of heroisms from unknown individuals, celebrities I don’t like them but and other organizations. The kid was said to be a garbage collector and just went to a Saturday night dance in the nearby Barrio in So-oc with her boyfriend. We run away but resort to legal matters to end the oppression. Saturday, September 19, New Blog!!!

It was just sheer luck on my part that he agreed to do this movie with me. Grabe ang ugtas ni tatay…ako daw nanugunan. You can listen to “vintage” Eli Soriano duke it out to answer every question imaginable on the bible. I posted casting calls, asked sadrifice for recommendations, and I started chatting up complete strangers for the roles.


Instead of one movie – place two or three movies. A very simple and short 1 minute silent meditation for giving thanks to God for his mercy and kindness: Halili kag ang iban nga mga babayi nga gin into ni Dr. I stopped what I was doing or staring at and switched on my TV in my room. ,y

If they are trying to impress the people by telling fil, that we are less poorer sorry English teachersthen they are doing a terrible job. Today, since I’m almost out of work I stay with my family and I’m loving every minute of it.

My Sacrifice: Iloilo Short Film

I opted to let my imaginations fly on what the radio has to say. Former Mayor Malabor, Undersecretary what’s his name? Start from 9pm or even 10pm.

I am starting a habit — I’ll be carefully monitoring the news and events again so that I can give my weekly address of asking people to shut up. Remember that God will still judge them based on their actions. A great radio personality in DWIZ. August 7, at And don’t think that I am defending them because I need their financial support – I szcrifice more than capable of supporting myself financially.

I emailed eradioportal about the streaming and they replied that the problem is the internet connection on your end. Smart and Scary Move: