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She appears to Dong-joo first, as she asks him what he thinks is right: Dong-joo says it must have been incredibly painful. She finds Hye-in in the parking lot and scares her by moving a parked truck with her bare hands. Lee Seung-gi Shin Min-ah. I was waiting for your review all day. He teased about her hair and she’s like, hitting him! They manage to make me believe in and root for the love between Miho and Dae-woong.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Have to put in a word about that scene when Mi-Ho disappears Realizing that MH has been regularly visiting the park near his home and meeting up with ToongJa and Auntie, DW is surprised, touched, and upset. He runs all the way there, but when he gets to the loft he finds her looking much better, though her forehead is alarmingly cold. Love his laughter and tears. Dae-woong develops their first photo and buys an album to put it in.

I’m in the middle of a VERY bad cold. Can epsode the epicness! Oh, you transparent boy. But then hangs up. Dong Joo no longer wanted to put MiHo back in the picture or kill her.

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I absolutely agree with you, javabeans. She returns to Dong-joo and confesses to removing her fox bead. I see now why episore 9 was necessary. MH feeds ToongJa some treats and says goodbye.

I guess not all of the episodes can be perfectly quirky and fun. Hataz Gonna Hate, right? Thanks for coming back Miho. Scroll to bottom for previous ratings….


I really thought that Mi-ho was going to run over Hye-in with that truck. She pouts, but when he girlfiend her hand again, this time interlocking their fingers, she smiles, and they walk home swinging their hands back and forth in their usual explosion of adorableness.


Mi-ho happily complies, and Dae-woong accepts her bead. However, be very careful not to be too public with your affections.

Thanks for a wonderful recap! Please enter your username or email address. Crutches, on the other hand, are what you get when writers fall back on certain plot devices, conflicts, or resolutions, which feels more like a lack of creativity than an intentional callback. For example, i know han ye sul is a horrible actor in will it snow for christmas.

I can’t wait gumkho watch the episode. I don’t cry for Korean dramas. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Did you see how jealous he was?

He apologizes for not being able to watch over her till the end. It’s a shame it’s gielfriend, but I guess we’ll just have to watch it again and again and again till we kyaa ourselves out. Despite all the success, we see that DW is still always thinking about MH…. Reporters do not spare anyone even if that person is a hallyu star, not to mention Seung Gi who is not a hallyu star in their eyes yet, but a rising one only.


I never expected this to be this great. However, MH is seen gumiyo around in the nearby area, but like a typical kdrama, DW and MH miss running into each other by a split second… Next up, 8 minutes of annoying footage of the Vet and MH going wedding dress shopping and then hanging out at his place.

The whole aunt love story was very annoying. Did you see how he does the comical scenes?

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Was that really necessary?! It’s truly a shame that such a good site gathers so many people who show no respect to the opinions of others. Gloria September 10, at 2: They can all move you. I totally love this episode! I’m not saying you’re all like that. He stops in his tracks, startled at her purty duds, and asks where she went dressed like that. Flat episode this one, making me think MGIG is a little thin on the storyline so far and DW was such a jerk, he ‘s hesitating for too long so many times on and off?

But all of a sudden he hears a familiar voice calling his name.