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It’s that evil girl. Byung-soo urges her to do something and not just let Dae-woong pursue his noona, whom everyone knows he likes. He puts the ring box away. DW is about to leave but then turns around and comes back to kiss MH goodbye. Me gusta the goblin. This sets up the drama for some hardcore, epic angst. He proved himself a pighead once again though, by looking for her ONLY when he found out he couldn’t do the action movie without her fox-bead.

Dong-joo throws down the gauntlet: Since the ratings have been so low for PK, this rating should make them feel better. Gumiho Hunter Dong-joo is also in the store, watching Mi-ho. I like that the Hong Sisters are exploring what it means to be human and what exactly makes one human – and as Grandpa keeps reminding him, Dae Woong has a bit of a ways to go before he becomes a “real” human too, so the development is not only on Miho’s side. Scroll to bottom for previous ratings…. I love that he gets exaggerated Hong Kong gangster music. Nora September 3, at

Oh, Girlfriday, you are filthy. I am excited to find out.

The Kid admits to being a goblin? I’ll just have to bear it since I decide to invest my time watching this drama. When the song came up, I almost fell from my chair.


Seriously guys, I love this stuff. It just makes me more attached watching eventhough I know how the story unfolds.

I’m not sure that Dae-woong left her on that ferry so much for Hye-in. His real name is Ban Doo-hong, or Director Ban. Number in front of dramaindicates its top 20 rank out of all tv programs. It made me envious. Of course, that is based on the assumption fumiho he has some sort of interest in her due to the fact that she resembles someone he felt for before.

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Sometimes she does look like a fox. Episodes by odilettante.

He sneers at her story and mocks her explanation of being a gumiho, and his meanness hurts her feelings. Wallowing in heartbreak, DW has flashbacks of his time spent with MH….

This makes me look forward for Wednesdays and Thursdays: The Hong Sisters can do no wrong! I’m really enjoying this drama. Their conflicts have deeper meaning instead of just butting heads because they are meant to before they fall in love.

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Since the ratings have been so low for PK, this rating should make them feel better. Can you really endure death? He realizes that he freed the gumiho by drawing the nine tails. I love everything about this drama thus far. I agree with you about being excited about episoxe drama again. Vet has a cryptic message for DW.



Episode 6 by Helcat. BUT i have just read thro’ your re-cap A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Thank you, as always your recaps are wonderful and very well written. But i quess Seung gi and Shin Mina awesomeness can make it up. Episode 4 by Regals. Episodes by LollyPip. Her eyes glow blue and he cowers in fear, and when a lady above them drops her potted plant, Mi-ho flies up in the air to kick it away, and the flower lands perfectly in her hair.

He starts to sing a song, making up the lyrics as he goes: Dong-joo tells her that the woman she resembles also answered in that way: