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Clean up the Science Room. Actually, we just went to get some information. It is really ridiculous, all of this for a piece of latex… B. Idk man, i dont wanna start all over bc of how long it took me to get this far but at the same time i do…. Of course I forgive you! I would have liked to walk home with you. Likes to take his lil doggy out for runs with him, sometimes his dog can outlast him. I have to clean the Science Room!

Are you waiting on someone? You want us to leave you alone? If you want to debate wit me about this, go ahead. The earth goes dead and cold, then renews itself again, looking even more beautiful than before. I actually have to go to the pet shop soon too. So to get the illustration you must complete 4 to 5 dialogues as well as pick the right date outfit. What are we going to do then? Now I understand why people are getting upset, because Alexy is a representation of the LGBT community in the game, and we have very little of that in social media, but to be literally sending death threats, shaming and sending anon hate to people is absolutely fucking ridiculous.

Oh yes, that would be great! Sit next to Lysander.

Out of the question! Where are you going? There are 4 Illustrations in total. To escape all of this… A. Demon completely ruined his leash and I have to get a more solid one. Clean up the Science Room. HIV, Herpes, what else?


Salkthrough want us to leave you alone? I actually have to go to the pet shop soon too. Are you scared the little kittens will win the battle? Your attitude has changed a lot since Evan came back.

Candy In Love – My Candy Love – Episode 24 Guide

I feel like Priya and Amber’s rivalry things is so much like a hate-to-love romance. Amber, have you seen Kentin? Eats ice cream in the winter. By the way, why did you volunteer to do the demonstration?

Currently I’m a student at Sweet Amoris High. I have to think before I decide. Yeah, industrialization is very… Interesting.

Oh no… the movie theater is empty. We could have worked on it together. I will definitely go with Nathaniel. I’ll guide you so the boys will end up falling in love with you too. It was hard not to notice. Oh, yes, that is definitely Nathaniel behind this new look!

My Candy Love – Episode 24 Guide *Under Construction*

What are you nayhaniel to do? Or, we could go together another time? Deborah reminds me of Timothy Heller lol. I have a picture of the hidden items at the end of this guide. Maybe, but Iris should have been more careful. If you really wanted to support me, come to my detention with me.


Can I visit one day? This place is kind of like you.

Uhh n-no… Nathaniel [Choice] A. There are 5 Illustrations in total. It made him feel like he accomplished something in a way.

My Candy Love – Episode 37 Guide

To escape all of this…. Finally, I prefer not to buy anything. We are just have a friendly outing. By winning your combat with Jigglypuff? His nose gets really runny. We should be able to share our ideas and create things freely with each candj. Ah yes, I had forgotten. I feel much better now. They have the advantage of being two. Now do you see what your idiocies have done?

Yeah, I know, no need to rub salt in the wound.

MyCandyLoveConfessionStand — My Candy Love – Episode 24 Guide

But please, promise me you will think about it…. Oh, are you playing Super Smash Bros? They are csndy creatures, not stuffed animals. Another time if you want, Nathaniel came to see me first. No, not at all. You really should stop smoking. What can I do to make you stop pouting?