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For some, yeah… actually. Maybe during the scene, the two of us will have to fight each other! After the interview with Hyun, instead of going down the alley, pick to go to the Park entrance and then into the park. Compiling all the answers for the phone call questions under the cut! Thanks to as-sweetas-honey for the bits I missed! Macbeth get sad mask B.

If you wanna spice up your routine, you know where to find me. University Life Episode 5 Rayan Illustration. You can get four out of the five in one playthrough. April 8th, at Who do you think you are? I hope I get a good part!

This is probably like, the fifth time in a row this happened.

B Kentin Boyfriend 1. We could chat… A. It is a cute story though! Illustration is based on outfit choice and one dialogue choice. B You asked for it, Nath. Thanks for understanding for the delay with getting the guide up due loge the death I had in my family. Log in Sign up. LoM amounts are still being tested!


You need LoM or higher to get the illustration. Yell louder … A. June 11th, at 1: Like Romeo and Juliet? Uh, well your plan was just a few minutes away from working.

my candy love guide

These are the pretty outfits. Thanks to as-sweetas-honey for the bits I missed! We should wallkthrough able to do a play! And get rid of any doubt you might have about me still being involved with those bastards.

Did you think I was going to wait for you nicely? I can confirm I got all the illustrations at the amounts above.

My Candy Love – Episode 34 Guide. Hamlet get happy mask Play Options: Art Deco Tiara Keep reading. When I write that a character can be found at a certain location this is not always accurate so keep that in mind!

Or is my life really that busy without realizing it? Most recent Most popular Most recent. She can be found in the Dormitory Lobby after Mr. If you want, but hurry up to follow us!


My Candy Love and Eldarya Illustrations and Guides

Newly Updated Keep reading. I wonder how that will go!

June 19th, at Auntie can be found inside the Park—just go in and out until she shows up. Mom and Dad wanted to have The Talk with Candy but she told them that she already had sex ed during class: And she advised me to talk about it again with you.

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