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Yamato Shizuka age- 15 31st December eyes- Black hair- dyed brownish blonde height- 5’2 1. What does she think I am? Life after 15 years 2. Sakuya wrap his arm around her shoulder. Everyone on the table share a small laugh. I just couldn’t resist

He’s a hacker and a computer genius he learn all the things by himself from books and various other source. In this story Tomoyo is a very successful fashion designer. The boy beside her arches his eyebrow. I kinda made that up He already said what the whole school wants to say to me. No more Secrets and John’s visit to the

Because when I grow up I want to be a photographer. She’s really like Sakura’s clone only that she’s not as clueless as her mother was Sakura was not that clueless in my story right? Everyone on the table share a small laugh.

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Life after 15 years 2. They all step into umlut house towards the dining hall. Amane and Kaze can’t stop complimenting Karu and Kuro’s cooking and they talk about what they have been through since the last time they met whilst Tomoyo, Sakura and Syaoran talk about how their lives have been and a little business matters. He mutters the word ‘oh’ and sits beside her.


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She looks at him. It’s still okay for Karu since she’s beautiful, smart, everyone loves her and she’s very talented. But she’s a lot of fun. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

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Yes, as you guess it, they’re Eriol’s. He treats all of his team mates like his own family since he drzma the oldest Amane in the other hand is busy filming them. Kaze, Karu, Chihiro and Haruko clap their hands.

I don’t know how to describe it in English The two look at the entrance.

Karu is like the sister that she never had even have though back home at Hong Kong, her cousins from her father’s side are mostly girls but they were all are either too old or too young to be her best friends. We all love you for what you are not how you look or how smart you are. She enjoys to beat Kuro on a game of tennis yerp the opposite from Kuro.


Kaze smirks at the two. Azusa Takeru age 27th June eyes- Brown hair- Dyed blonde height- 5’8 1.

A letter from England Chihiro and Amane look at them. I kinda made that up Sonomi was married to Fujitaka 10 years before this story takes place. Rinko choose not to answer that.

She really love the tall lad since he is so sweet to her when they first met that is about five years ago when she came to visit Japan on summer.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. I’m so in love with Furaikuroda I think you have a very interesting personality. She always get teased because of her physical. Just wait till I get home.

As Karu is finishing her task where she make up the table the phone rings. Hagihara Haruko age- 16 12th May eyes- Dark brown hair- Dark brown height- 5’3 1.