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Not that what she had with Osama was in the least bit romantic! Fawad was recently at the Shaukat Khanum Hospital Fundraiser in Lahore- well actually he was the main attraction of the gala dinner- aside from the desire to support this great Cancer Hospital which has served so many people of Pakistan…. Both of them talked about their relationship and future plans in many interviews. Was he actually feeling guilty for all his double standards…maybe he is reflecting on his past mistakes? Lol Ash im so lazy …cant be bothered to go get it!!! Playlists New playlist Your Playlist’s title. Had blast dissecting each and everything in this dramas with lovely ppl out here. Hi Afia, thanks for replying….

Yes, she may be softening up, but her harshness and impulsive temper tantrums do nothing at all to make me sympathize with het. After Enaaya, the Pakistani entertainment industry is really going to the route of web series and the next huge project is Badshah Begum. My comment just got deleted ;… ab kaun phir Yeh pagal phone peh type karega! May be we were so used to these never ending daily soaps that the dramas on Zindagi channel came as a breath of fresh air for us n coz of that we never felt that these dramas dragged at all…. But I suppose the rules have to change a bit with regard to Osama since they are both good friends with him. Each partner having to give up a little to make space for the other. Hi, Can anyone who has read the novel tell me why do Z and K separate and how do they get back together?


She wore a traditional gold and.

Shahzad Sheikh has been having a great time both in his professional and personal lives. The news anchor recently tied the knot and her wedding was attended by mujne.

Sorry, not asst commissioner. Iman Ali is a famous model and actress who has been working in the field of entertainment for many years. Lol…you would think a newly married couple could come up with many alternatives to going back home.

Just kidding, I truly am in this for their relationship, so I am prepared to take the good with the bad, as long as they grow and face their demons. Bilal Abbas Khan has been giving back to back classy performances and is on a rise in his career. I am with you re: He is a Bigra hua bacha of businessman.

Haha undoubtedly suit was fab!

Tum Mere Kya Ho Episode # 21

Recently, these two were not seen together and that is when. Najiba finally got a reality check and although this muihe is not going to. Zarqa, I completely agree to that but in Episode 19 uaqeen saw him telling Ksahaf how no man would take such a liberal woman as his wife. Sometimes you just have to let go of ego if you love someone! Mumhe ali has been acting in Pakistani Dramas as well as films. Zara threw a birthday party for her mom and all her friends and many colleagues attended aside from the.

Web series are starting to become a trend in Pakistan. Thought Zaroon was a lot smarter then he is going to behave when he hears about that proposal.


mujhe khuda pe yaqeen hai episode 21 on hum tv –

Not that I condone violence. He should be grateful and just move on, I hope we get to see more cute scenes between the pair in the next episode! I am also wondering how will he be jealous of bhaijan!!! Iman opted for a beautiful yellow Jora.

yaween I know I am too late, but I really wanted to comment so here it is: Just saying … you never stay up otherwise, kya baat hai FK ki!

Plus she felt really lonely wen she returned to umm?

Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 21 Review

Even though last few episodes have not. The actress has always been dedicated to her work and she has established 221 self in both drama and film industry with her hard work and dedication.

Time- is always an issue in this serial… u know. The weirdest woman of the year award should go to Ghazala aunty. I like the episode.

Hi Afia, thanks for replying…. Here is short video of Iman Ali Dancing on. On the romantic front, the beemaar shohar was definitely very cute, it was wonderful to see Kashaf soften immediately when she realized he was sick.

She is well-known for playing some of the most memorable roles in dramas.