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The 3rd aspect which divides the people all over the world piece by piece, is the FAITH or belief conception. It is a known fact that every passing year, has been adding to the climate change. Look at our country and the wealth of our middle class and how it is falling because of creeping socialism. If your mind skips to the question ooooof who is constituting this perfect balance of reality? A sacrifice of individuality for the sake of outright dependency, with a sacrificial willingness to set leashes of total capitulation around their own subservient necks. This is being totally dumb and deaf to the uncountable proven scientific facts about the age of the earth… Or, shall we ask, the so called scientist is denying the sciences?..

Simple explanation mate, How stupid can you beee?! It has to be underscored clearly that the sole existence of the state is being the accessory of Capitalist rule for the suppression and the legalized oppression of the masses… whenever it is necessary, as it is being witnessed in many world nations today…. The Turkish capitalist state which is led by the bird brain despotic Erdogan regime of course. A logical explanation comes to my mind is that the man is simply communicating with Mother Nature via his brain waves and by means of his cultural capacity! What the garbage trucks collect from the highly populated Indian cities every morning? Well, at least we have a firm idea about the undeniable working rules of the evolution…. Where do those tiny creatures carry such logic filled BRAINS that even sense the rain hours and hours before it starts and climb up the trees on time in order to protect themselves from the flooding.?..

Do they eat or drink it? The real realty of this God or Allah, whatever you may call the concept, not showing any sign of existence at any time in human history is a clear and concrete evidence that we are only making up this intelligent energy concept —infinitely intelligent as the mother NATURE is- as God, but only theoretically and far from being real….

I threw a slice of bread to it. Thanking those military crowds for what? Besides everything else, the most effective cynical and psychological TRAP of Capitalism, presently, is the adddddictive computer games for the people of the world in order to control and divert the minds of the masses.

If the amount of money overflows the value of gold, then it muhamemdi worthless FAKE paper. Read about India and Japan and learn how many different gods the populations pray in this modern age… I muhammsdi the enormity of numbers will stunnnn you. Or came to existence? Even declaring me as a Satan.

I have told you a while ago girls and guys that we were out to start a whole new STAGE in the world history.

“Erdoğan’ın mitingine aile boyu katılacaksınız” talimatı

How can such a human mind care or contribute to the society he lives in? And was that the word of almighty Allah deserved? By the way; -this will be asagilaysn stupid question but I ask anyway- did he live before or after the evidentially proven stone ages? And add to those the security forces like police and army…. Since the days of Jewish prophet Abraham.


Robert Blochlinger The only times any type of socialism worked were in christian communities where they were one in christ they willfully shared all they had with one another.

A capitalist firm may produce the best quality commodity and choose the best form of advertising; however, if the market potential is an apple, there are soooo many other firms who are after the sharing the slices of this apple. This parasitic system, not aagilayan became an absolute BURDEN on the backs of working masses world-wide, and the means of genocide for theoppressed masses but it also became the greatest obstacle in front of the human race to progress any further… However, these universal problems are OK for the middle class minded CROWDS.

Just for the records girls and guys, to witness how fast and CRAZY the electric atoms move in the atmospheric circulation, watch the thunder storms before it starts raining…. What has to be underscored here is the fact that energy The mighty MYSTERY is indispensable and there is no such thing as dying for this universal source.

Hasan Ozen In order to agree with that realistic comment; we must, first realize the fact that our bodies and brains are made of ENERGY which will go back to its origins when we die….

If you are against this rule, there is always a way to shut you up for good. And while we are helping those domestic creatures to maintain their existences as well as reproduction; we, in the meantime, benefit from their eggs, milk and nutritious meats… So it is a natural EXCHANGE of give and take- process….

Ms Jacinto was eventually rescued in an anti-trafficking sting inafter a four year ordeal in which she estimates she was forced to have sex with an average of 30 men a day, seven days a week.

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Then set the laws of evolution to enable the creation of all other existences, what we witness today. That is the question….

That is another argument. HAPTER 20 One fact is very clear and that is, as long as the sedated and IGNORANT satellites of the system, plus those who get along with its left overs are in majority world-wide, the system will maintain its murderous existence with oppressions and wars… Under the Capitalist rule, the life is always dog eat dog style competition all the way amongst the individuals, commercial businesses, as well as nations: A big laugh here.

And it is a well-known FACT that the adaptation and consolation always have their limits as far as the human nature is concerned… About billionaire filthy money bags against 7 Billion world population. Praying 5 times a day business is stolen from the old Persian philosophical belief of Austoganism.

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Where did I come from initially? Our ideology has nothing to do with Marxist socialism morooooooon! Soo, what was the speed of that flying old horsey clever people?! In this HUMANE economic system; all we need is a manufacturing, a farming, a supply and an education council besides the interactively communicating LOCAL and work place councils which need to be regularly renewed by democratic election process….


Before declaring himself as the ambassador from Allah that is…! It only means ONE thing for us when you think deep about it: It is generated Thanks to bloody Einstein from the Uranium which is the mooooooost active chemical element amongst all the dangerous materials!

Atheist Republic More people than ever before are leaving religion. In my view they work on the same basis of ever present changes; no matter how long each mood or period may take. A news piece on: The privileged bureaucratic build up should not be and cannot be maintained as a tradition in Marxist movement.

You want war and tyranny? Especially crows and grey parrots. Will be popping off to sleep soon but promise to visit tomorrow. Toooooo prove the American capitalist think tanks that we are one step ahead of them… Thanks to democratically progressive internet organizations who FREELY sponsor our documents.

David Yates The American system of free enterprize has been comprimised long ago stupid.

Religious conditioning; by which our minds are controlled by an imaginary belief that is dictated on us by the family and social environment muhajmedi the early years of our lives. It was in the news the other day that the world population climbed to 7 Billion.

Time for religion to make way for another more comprehensive thought process and realize all people matter that the earth belongs to us all and we need to figure out a way to protect our future and the lives ssagilayan depend on it. Marx would entirely agree with the assessment of the pernicious control we are subjected to, and sought the same freedoms for mankind as this gentleman does. Now take Christ out and try to force a people to live this way.

Chinese working class will never forget the Tiananmen Square massacre, , of pro-democracy activists which is committed by asagilaayan inhuman bureaucracy just to protect its unearned privileges.

A recent report from the German refugee support organisation ProAsyl showed that the sealing of borders in the Balkans had destructive and even deadly consequences for refugees. And this is the responsible party who is mucking up the minds of masses: This CORRUPT Zionist puppet Erdogan regime is flirting with the terror state of Israel in every available relations with the hope of sharing the future plunders of the middle east regions, starting from Syria after the Assad regime is overthrown.

Look at our country and the wealth of our middle class and how it is falling because of creeping socialism.